Does everyone love Germany? German metropolises on the rise

Does everyone love Germany? German metropolises on the rise

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Are city trips to Germany the new trend? For the first time this year, more cities were added to the PRO SKY Destination Report as choices. Three German metropolises achieved fantastic scores. Munich and Hamburg scored well alongside Berlin. In this year's ranking of the most popular European cities for MICE travel, Germany was clearly ahead. No other country counts more than one metropolis in the top ten, for Germany there are three.

Surprising? Not really. Because the country is also able to deliver beyond meetings, conferences and workshops and combines an excellent infrastructure with cultural diversity to inspire. Our MICE experts call Berlin “a city in full expansion,” and underline that Germany offers more than many believe. So why not look for the next adventure in the heart of Europe?

The classics are the favorites

But what about destinations outside Germany? Lisbon and Barcelona score particularly well here. Although numerous new cities were cited in the ranking this year, including all European capitals as well as all European cities with over one million inhabitants, it's still the classics that score the most points. Included in our MICE expert'‘ top ten: Paris, Amsterdam, London, Vienna and Rome.

View of Barcelona from the park at sunrise

Two newcomers score especially well

The relatively high values of Valletta, the capital of Malta, and Milan, the Italian fashion capital, are particularly striking. In general, there are many newcomers who surprise and raise the question: Is it time to try something completely new? How about Vilnius as your next destination, for example? Of course, there are also cities that couldn't really win the hearts of our MICE experts yet and scored only a few points within our ranking. But why not take it as a challenge? We are curious whether the values for Tirana, Minsk, Pristina, and Skopje will rise next year.


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