MICE destinations: Security is a top priority

MICE destinations: Security is a top priority

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What does the destination I have chosen stand for? What image does it have? When it comes to security, these questions are crucial for many event planners, but when it comes to popularity and price, the answer is often slightly different. Even before event planners start researching a destination, they usually already have an approximate picture of the destination in mind. Some search specifically for trendy destinations, others for the most exclusive ones. What do the figures tell us? What do agencies pay particular attention to when it comes to the image of a destination?

Price and popularity are often of secondary importance

A total of 72 percent of the 456 European MICE experts taking part in our Destination Report survey stated that safety is the top priority. For almost three-quarters of respondents, this criterion is always or often relevant when deciding on a destination. Bad security surprises are especially undesirable. Does this mean that image generally has great influence? Not necessarily. In fact, price and popularity are often of secondary importance. Low local prices, for example, are decisive to only about one in three people. Only 34 percent attach great relevance to an “affordable” image of the destination. Therefore, if all the other factors are right, higher travel costs seem to be accepted. After all, many groups don't have much of a choice. Larger travel groups, in particular, must deal with limited options and therefore higher prices if they want to maintain a certain standard.

And what about event strongholds? When a destination is teeming with MICE groups? Then the answer is more likely to be: “rather not”. Only 34 percent consider it essential that the destination is considered “popular for events”. We welcome this trend. It's nice to see that event planners are always venturing into unknown territory and looking for something new.


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