Quentin Rouxel: “I received a job offer I simply couldn’t refuse.”

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News: Quentin Rouxel: “I received a job offer I simply couldn’t refuse.”

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“I’d never really planned to pursue a career at Pro Sky,” admits Quentin Rouxel. But then CEO Armin Truger offered him an opportunity he simply couldn’t refuse. The result? Three promotions in only five years. Today, the former intern is Pro Sky’s Director of Marketing and Product Development. “When I do something, I do it properly,” he explains with a smile. What does Quentin’s passion for football have to do with his unusual career? Find out in our profile.


“I still remember reading the job advertisement on the bulletin board at my Business School. Pro Sky was looking for New Product Development CEO Assistant,” explains Quentin. “The internship was to be six months long, with a focus on product development.” He was totally hooked when he read that he would be in Brazil during the Football World Cup. “I had only one thought: Oh my God, I just need to be part of this.” There was only one problem, however: he had just accepted an internship in Sydney. “In spite of this, all I could think about was Brazil,” he smiles. So he turned down the job in Australia at short notice and joined Pro Sky instead. His first impressions: “Simply overwhelming. Although we had never met beforehand, my work colleague Claudio immediately invited me to his home. Everyone was so welcoming.” However, what really impressed Quentin was being able to work directly for the CEO. “I followed him everywhere, watching what he was doing. The time I spent with Armin really had an impact on me, the way I think and the way I do business. Before that I really knew nothing at all about aviation.”

As an intern at Pro Sky, Quentin could combine two of his passions: football and travel.


“I simply couldn’t turn down this job.”

Quentin wanted to improve his English and immerse himself in a new world at Pro Sky. Six months to learn how to make strategic decisions. An adventure with a time limit. “Staying was never an option,” he confesses. “I always thought that I would have to leave the company.” But an idea put forward by Pro Sky’s CEO Armin Truger turned everything on its head. “Armin made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,” recalls Quentin. For some time, his boss had seen the potential that the young intern brought to the company and appreciated his ability to motivate others above all. “Quentin and I worked closely together. I found him to be a fun person and a great work colleague. Someone who is very passionate, but also thinks like an athlete when it comes to growth. He really made the most of his internship to show us what he is capable of. I just had to offer him a job. I wanted him to realise his full potential and help us shape the future of Pro Sky.” The plan was that he would take on more responsibility after graduation and move to the company’s headquarters in Cologne. “I was allowed to make important decisions, learned many things and met a lot of people,” explains Quentin. “Marketing was Armin’s baby, but when I was appointed as International Marketing Manager, he handed the department over to me gradually. It was a constant process.”

Working at Pro Sky meant that Quentin also had to board the aircraft himself. Firstly to support his colleagues and secondly to get a feel for the services the company offers.


“I wanted to drive our digital transformation.”

Over the years, Quentin remained ambitious, had the courage to pursue completely new strategies and thus continuously pushed the company forward. “The team grew and Pro Sky changed. And I wanted to find the right tools.” He therefore did what he did best and considered problems from the customers’ point of view. Quickly Quentin found appropriate solutions, initiating one change after another. "I wanted to drive our digital transformation,“ he explains. Particularly Jorge Mateus, Head of Engineering, knows how well this worked. “It’s easy to work on development projects with Quentin. He has a clear understanding of the status quo, but he also has a vision.” Both started at Pro Sky at around the same time and still work on projects together often. Quentin provides the input. “I simply try to enhance them with efficient and sustainable solutions,” comments Jorge Mateus.

Quentin explaining the new Find & Fly functions to his colleague from the Aircraft Charters department.


"It's not rocket science"

His greatest success to date is the launch of the Find & Fly online platform. This is a tool that enables customers to compare scheduled flights to charter flights. A tool that became his “baby”. “I adapted my career to the development of the Marketing team: everything happened in parallel,” said Quentin, explaining his success. “It’s not rocket science. You’re going in one direction and, if it doesn’t work, you simply go in the other direction.” But Quentin makes more of a difference than that, as Jorge Mateus explains. “He doesn’t just help to design innovative products, meet customers’ needs and keep an eye on the latest trends. Quentin also has the ability to motivate and inspire the people around him. He’s a charismatic leader, a source of energy.” Quentin's assessment is more humble: "The fact that I have been promoted from intern to director over the years and ultimately to team leader – that’s the most important factor for me. And I am grateful for this opportunity.”

Quentin showcases Find & Fly and the Pro Sky Destination Report to exhibition visitors at IMEX.


“I structured everything around my company!”

When Quentin speaks about Pro Sky, you can quickly see that he feels at home here. It’s also linked to the fact that he embarked on a completely new adventure with Pro Sky. “At the beginning I was struggling with the move to Cologne,” he recalls. Once again he needed to start from scratch and didn’t even speak the language. “I found myself in a completely new situation. So I structured everything around my company. My life now revolves around Pro Sky.” His key support in this: his work colleagues. “Thanks to them, I immediately found myself in the thick of things. I was quickly a part of the team and wasn’t the only person here who didn't speak German. They were like a second family. I totally didn’t expect that.” The team appreciates his opinion and they all support him. “That’s what makes Pro Sky so unique,” he explains. “There are real connections between people here; connections that go beyond professional relationships.” What does he mean by this? “I don’t call my boss “boss”. My team doesn’t call me “boss”. I’ve also often travelled privately with my French work colleagues from the Paris office.” Over time, my Cologne colleagues also became good friends. “We have a lot of fun together,” explains his Sales colleague Daniel Kusenbach. “Even if we don’t always agree,” he smiles. Anyone who knows these two people knows what this means. They work professionally with each other, but there’s always time for a bit of fun. “It’s the thirst for action that unites us. We don’t just want to know things, but rather we want to actively try them out. To a certain extent, we regard each other as entrepreneurs within the company. And we pursue the same goals: we want to translate prospective clients into customers, gain them as regular customers and continue to grow with them.”

Pure happiness: Quentin celebrates with his work colleagues Damien, Daniel, Caroline, Martina and Johann at the end of the Cologne B2Run 2017.


“Life’s too short to travel to the same place twice!”

Improving existing products, developing new services. That’s Quentin’s current focus. “What inspires me? Talking to different people, developing campaigns together and working with external suppliers.” Quentin is also motivated by the fact that there is a cross-over between the company’s goals and his personal interests. “Once you have travelled, you always want to see more,” he explains, listing the places that he has visited, thanks to Pro Sky. “But life’s too short to travel to the same place twice. I want to see something different and make these destinations accessible for me too," he smiles. At less than thirty years old, Quentin is now Director of Marketing and Product Development and is responsible for his own team and strategic decision-making. “Sometimes it’s hard to set priorities. Occasionally I feel torn between my various tasks, and want to do more,” he explains. But progress is his speciality. He’s always ready to open the next chapter.

Souvenir photo of a tour through Cusco, Peru.



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