9 reasons not to book group flight tickets yourself

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9 reasons not to book group flight tickets yourself

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"Countless connections, different transfer options and incomprehensible contracts – things quickly get out of hand," explains Martina Zocher-Torbohm. "You'll soon become overwhelmed if you haven't had years of experience organising airline tickets for groups." It's therefore no surprise that the demand for professional support is growing. Security? Optimised costs? Advice? Let us explain why our scheduled flight service has won over so many people.

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1. Personal contact

"One of the real bonuses is the fact that our customers have a direct contact," explains the Head of Airline Tickets for Groups. "There are no permanently engaged hotlines, endless queues or constantly changing contacts. We're always available to our customers." This saves time whilst also giving customers peace of mind. "You're not just a number to us and you'll be allocated a Client Service Manager who is responsible for you."

2. One-to-one advice on destinations

"One-to-one advice means that we also provide you with information on possible destinations as well as cost-effective alternatives," explains Martina Zocher-Torbohm. If you're still unsure about where to go, we'll provide you with detailed information about destinations to match your group and budget. "We take into account criteria, such as the airport's location, the infrastructure, connections or the cost per passenger." And if you already know your destination? "Then we'll find the best connection. And we’d be happy to refer to our charter colleagues when a charter flight would be more cost-effective." 

3. Better overview of flight offers

"When you book yourself, you can get a good overview of prices using online travel agencies. However, these portals are not designed for large groups," says Martina Zocher-Torbohm. "And they don't take your specific requirements into consideration." They sort flights based only on price or departure time. "Important factors can often be overlooked." The actual arrival times and luggage requirements are crucial when groups are travelling to events. A seamless process is essential. "We focus on these details, offer two one-way flights instead of return flights with the same airline when this is more attractive."

4. Flexible passenger management

Decisions sometimes take time. Perhaps you don't yet know all your guests' departure airports. This factor can have a crucial impact on ticket prices. "To help you with this, we plan ahead for various scenarios," states the experienced flight consultant. "For instance, we reserve allotments at the airports closest to where your guests live. We then manage the passenger lists and, on request, can provide travel plans in your company's corporate design – naturally personalised for each guest."

5. Optimised travel costs: savings of up to 30 percent

"Price, of course, is always a factor. But travel does not necessarily involve making difficult choices between cost, time and experience," explains Martina Zocher-Torbohm. "We are masters in the art of optimising travel priorities, enabling us to achieve savings of up to 30 percent on flights, primarily because of the close relations we have established with airlines over the past two decades. Our customers then benefit from special terms. This is where experience can make the difference."

6. Small down payment with a big impact

"A down payment of €160 is almost always enough for group bookings through Pro Sky. The low price surprises many." But that's not all: "We can also change names free of charge up to the day on which the ticket is issued and, with enough advance notice, we can even reduce group numbers." In addition, we also benefit from flexible cancellation terms from selected airlines. "The terms can't be bettered," says Zocher-Torbohm. "And of course we'd be happy to send you quick reminders so you won't miss a deadline."

7. Understandable contracts

"Airline contracts can often deter people from making their own travel plans, " explains Zocher-Torbohm. "They often run to several pages, are incomprehensible to lay people and difficult to compare." It's usually at this point that people making their own bookings start to become nervous. "If you're responsible for a group, then you need to be confident about the small print." So what's different with Pro Sky? "We check the terms and conditions of business, guarantees and cancellation instructions, summarise complex procedures, like payment schedules and cancellation requirements, in plain English, often on a single page. Customers then conclude a contract with us rather than with the airline." The result: no hidden costs and maximum transparency. "That's a major relief for many."

8. Quick alternatives in the event of flight cancellations

But what if a flight is cancelled? "The greatest fear is often that a flight will be cancelled," says Zocher-Torbohm. The problem: "A group is normally dependent on the airline and needs to wait for an alternative." This is a nightmare when travel plans are virtually complete and the group might not be able to fly on the same day. "We have much more freedom here, and can choose from all the available connections." Customers then get the best possible alternative flight connection and not just any one that happens to be available.

9. Emergency standby support

In the event of strikes, delays, storms or missed feeder flights, "No one wants to be on their own in these situations. We provide a professional to be at your side." Depending on the package reserved, your consultant can be reached either instantly or within minutes. "Regardless of whether you need short-term assurance, rebookings or new bookings: you'll then be best prepared for any eventuality." Read our article now on "5 Reasons for Emergency Standby for Scheduled Flights" and download our free information sheet on this subject:

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