Riga: Flight manoeuvres with the Baltic Bees

Riga is right on trend for thrilling incentive travel

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Exciting, daring and interactive. This is how Riga presents itself to MICE groups. It's a city setting new standards. The result? Industry experts celebrate Latvia's capital as a “trendy” and “diverse” metropolis, highlighting the “low cost, high standard and unique culture.” But despite “great incentive opportunities,” for many agencies, Riga is still “not on the radar.” They don't know they are missing out on a lot. Because Riga not only inspires with interactive art courses of a special kind, but also guarantees adrenaline kicks, that probably won‘t happen anywhere else in Europe.

Can what's on offer here be real? Jet flights as part of an art show? With MICE groups on board? It is! Up to five people can take off at the same time and dare flights with the expert Baltic Bees pilots. Sit back and relax? Not really. This flight means 25 minutes of pure adrenaline – including spectacular manoeuvres. But courage is rewarded with incomparable memories.

Baltic Bees during formation flight


Ice carving courses for up to 300 people

Another plus for Riga: “The short journey” from Central and Western Europe. Once you get there, it quickly becomes clear that the Balkan city, located directly on the Baltic Sea, has more to offer than just the dreamlike combination of urban and maritime flair. Above all, the large range of interactive group activities fascinates MICE experts. MICE groups that have already seen a lot of the world can still be offered something new here — without great effort and at comparatively low prices. More and more popular: Courses that focus on team spirit. How about a painting course, for example, in which the group creates artworks in small teams that are later combined to form a large work? This promotes not only creativity, but also communication, among the participants and guarantees a new highlight for the entrance area. You can't choose between action and art? Then we recommend an ice sculpture workshop. Groups of up to 300 people can create figures, logos or fantasy figures out of ice at the same time. This is something really special.

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Ice carving classes are right on trend



Are you looking for a destination that is ideally suited for thrilling incentive travel, workshops for large groups and interactive creative courses? Then Riga is the ideal destination for your group. Here you can darelight manoeuvres with the Baltic Bees, attend “Bigger picture” workshops or enjoy Ice Carving Courses. The flight from Cologne to Riga takes only two hours and ten minutes.

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