New on Find & Fly: ticket prices for scheduled flights

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New on Find & Fly: ticket prices for scheduled flights allow easy comparison between charter and scheduled flights.

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From this week, Find & Fly shows users prices for scheduled flights. The new feature makes it even easier for users to plan their next group flights and to gain an optimal overview of possible flight connections. What's more, by clicking on the comparison table, users can compare the airfare for individual scheduled flights directly against charter flights. A graphic gives an overview of the number of flight options, the shortest possible flight times, whether direct flights are available, earliest possible departure times and latest possible arrival times.

Easy comparison between charter and scheduled flights

"Find & Fly users have always been able to see a list of available scheduled flights," says Quentin Rouxel, Director Marketing and Product Development at Pro Sky. "Now they can also see the price for these tickets." The airfare shown for individual tickets (including one item of hold luggage) provides a good idea of the eventual group price. "Airlines add a surcharge for group bookings based on different booking classes," explains Rouxel. "We will also be taking this into account in the future." What's already possible is an effective comparison between scheduled and charter flights. "Users can now make fast price comparisons between the two flight types and quickly find the best option for their group flight." The new function is particularly interesting because prior to visiting Find & Fly, many users were unaware that charter flights are often worthwhile. "The clear comparison table now enables them to weigh up their options at one glance eliminating any need to visit airline websites and other portals. We now provide our users with all the relevant information to make informed decisions on a single page. More features will be added over the coming months."

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 The table on Find & Fly enables users to easily compare charter and scheduled flights.


Coming soon: group ticket prices on scheduled flights

Find & Fly users can look forward to more updates coming soon. The team around Quentin Rouxel and Jorge Mateus are currently working on functions such as group ticket prices, business class options and the likely availability of seats for a selected group size. "It will be revolutionary," says Head of Engineering, Jorge Mateus. The number of hits is already incredibly high. "In the first hours after the new functions went live, we received masses of inquiries," reports Quentin Rouxel. "This proves that we're on the right track. Find & Fly makes users more independent by becoming experts within just a few clicks." But the Airline Tickets For Groups colleagues are still indispensable. "Functions can be automated but you can't transfer specialist know-how, and automation can't replace individual advice. The many new functions from Find & Fly updates, rather than devaluing our colleagues' expertise, give them more time for talking to customers and providing optimal support. We're therefore combining digital projects with outstanding personal service. And that is exactly what our users value so much."

Try out the new features!

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