Corona: 10 reasons for opting for charter over scheduled flights

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Travel & Corona: 9 reasons to book charter than regular flights

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Many companies are thinking about how they can protect their employees from infection by the coronavirus on future business trips: there is a particular focus on arrival and departure. More and more companies are therefore discovering charter flights as a safe travel option. We reveal the benefits:


The coronavirus poses a challenge to many companies, and yet many companies are working flat out to find safe solutions. Underline your commitment by paying attention to increased safety from the moment you arrive.


What is feasible with charter flights?

  • Seat occupancy in line with your requirements (e.g. free middle seat)
  • Departure from smaller or less frequented airports is possible
  • Your own check-in counter (with individual branding, on request)
  • Check-in is even possible at the hotel, event location or elsewhere
  • Hostess option (e.g. to dispense hand sanitizer or hand out masks)
  • Flight Manager option (personal point of contact at the airport and, if need be, on board, possibly to maintain social distancing when boarding)
  • Adapted catering (e.g. pre-packed snack bags)
  • Arrival at smaller or less frequented airports is possible
  • Arrival at airports closer to your meeting/event (for shorter journey times)
  • Organisation of bus transfers to your destination (capacity to suit your needs)


For whom are charter flights relevant during the coronavirus crisis?

MICE industry: Ensure safe arrival and departure for conferences, incentives and events Download Infosheet now

Cruise industry: Offer enhanced safety on board and also during transfers Download Infosheet now

Direct sales: Show your salespeople your appreciation with detailed safety concepts Download Infosheet now

Other industries that wish to protect the health of their employees and customers: Download Infosheet now



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