COVID-19: Luggage service & off-airport check-in for safer travel

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COVID-19: Luggage service and off-airport check-in for safer travel

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Fewer contacts and less time at the airport. Our luggage service and off-airport check-in make it possible, resulting in even safer journeys. Sports teams welcome the option of checking in at the hotel, while passengers on our Arvidsjaur flights get their luggage delivered to a location of their choice upon arrival in Sweden. These versatile options are particularly in demand during these corona times. Read what's possible and how our services can help protect you.

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Example: Luggage service for our Arvidsjaur flights

Pro Sky has arranged a special luggage service for passengers. It reduces the number of contacts in baggage handling to a minimum, giving passengers added security on their journeys to Swedish Lapland.

How it works:

  • In Stuttgart, personalised luggage tags are attached to passengers' luggage by hostesses.
  • On arrival in Arvidsjaur (Sweden), all luggage items are collected by a logistics company
  • After landing, passengers avoid having to wait and collect their luggage in the arrivals hall
  • Instead, they can take shuttle buses directly to their desired destination
  • The logistics company delivers the luggage to the desired destination according to the information on the luggage tag
  • Passengers can collect their luggage at their hotel or desired destination


Example: Off-airport check-in for sports teams

Our off-airport check-in enables, for example, football clubs to check in at their hotel or sports venue after consultation with all relevant bodies. This is particularly beneficial when specialist luggage is involved. Sports teams therefore not only get extra convenience when travelling but also extra safety due to reduced contacts and time at airports.

How it works:

  • Passengers deposit their luggage in a secure room in the hotel
  • Passengers also receive their boarding passes here
  • The luggage is delivered to the airport and handed over to the check-in staff
  • At the airport, passengers can then go straight to the security checks and then proceed to the departure gate

Which customers benefit from THESE services?

The above examples represent just a few of the customers who use our services on a regular basis. In recent months, the pandemic has greatly increased the number of people using our services, which are particularly interesting for the following groups:

  • Sports teams (for teams, support personnel etc.)
  • Cruise operators (for safe passenger departures)
  • MICE agencies (for safe arrivals and departures of travel groups)
  • Consultants from the insurance and finance industry (for safe arrivals and departures)
  • Automotive industry (for safe arrivals and departures of engineers, etc.)
  • Manufacturing industries (for safe arrivals and departures of inspectors, etc.)
  • Doctors and scientists (for safe arrivals and departures of medical staff, etc.)

Download the Airport Service Infosheet


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