François-Xavier Camus appointed Director Sales Europe at Pro Sky

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François-Xavier Camus appointed Director Sales Europe at Pro Sky

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With the appointment of François-Xavier Camus as the new Director Sales Europe, Pro Sky has further strengthened its position in the European market. Leading the Sales Department from the air travel specialist’s Paris office, Camus will develop new markets and target groups, bringing his years of experience in the aviation business and powerful networking skills with him. Camus has been particularly impressed by Pro Sky’s unmatched innovation in simplifying group and VIP Flights for some time, and described his move as simply a logical consequence in his career.


“My goal is for potential customers to understand that Pro Sky is way ahead of the market. No one else has this technology. No one offers this kind of service”, says Camus. “Once I realized how far Pro Sky is when it comes to digitization and innovation, I knew that my next career step would need to involve this company”. After five years with Air Partner and ten years at Air Charter Service, the former managing director is now focusing on the new generation of group and VIP flights. “Pro Sky is designing the future, simplifying flights, using online solutions that the rest of the industry can only dream of. Find & Fly, Booking tool, Jet Pricing Tool”, explains Camus. “I simply needed to be part of this”.


“Despite the extreme stage of development, Pro Sky is still too shy”, explains Camus. “The company is famous within the industry, but still has something of a secret laboratory. People know Pro Sky as very professional, know there are big events with airlines every year. But only a few have really understood its enormous potential. Too many markets are still untapped. Too many potential customers don’t yet know that Pro Sky would be the better choice. The world needs to know what we have to offer, and that Pro Sky will become a global brand”.


To achieve his goal, Camus will develop new business fields. “Some of these flight solutions are particularly demanding but I have decades of experience”. The fact that many of his clients followed him to Pro Sky makes Camus especially proud. “Not everything is about sales. It’s about details, being involved at all levels of the project, being remembered. I love to arrange customized surprises on board for long-term clients”. What others might consider exhausting, Camus calls inspiring. “When you are a bit curious, it’s a unique way to discover industries from the inside. And there’s no better feeling than watching the news and knowing you were involved”.


The demands on Camus are high, but that is what makes it exciting, he says. Since the technology used by Pro Sky is unique, he still has a lot to learn. Operations and sales need to be merged, the Covid-19 crisis must be overcome, climate-friendly solutions need to be found. “But communication and exchanges are in my DNA and with Daniel Kusenbach and Michael Werle I have the most professional team”, says Camus noticeably proud. One he already feels connected to. “That’s what impressed me the most: Pro Sky’s corporate culture. How its employees rave about the company, how interns’ and newcomers’ opinions are heard. For a very long time I knew: Pro Sky and me are a match”.

 Director Sales Europe François-Xavier Camus (middle) with his team members Michael Werle (left) and Daniel Kusenbach (right).

About Pro Sky: Pro Sky simplifies group and VIP flights. The international specialist for tailor-made flying offers a wide range of services ranging from aircraft charter and airline tickets for groups, combination solutions and private jets to worldwide airport and in-flight services. With offices in Cologne, Paris, Zurich and São Paulo, Pro Sky is an industry leader known for its innovative digital products such as Find & Fly. 

Media contact: Linda Katharina Klein, Marketing Campaign Manager, linda.klein@pro-sky.com, +492219204451

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