Barbara Yzerman: Our MICE doyenne is retiring

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Our MICE doyenne Barbara Yzerman is retiring

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When our Client Service Manager Barbara Yzerman takes her well-deserved retirement this month after almost ten years with Pro Sky, there'll be tears among her colleagues. You can already sense how Barbara will be missed! Her warm-hearted nature, her expertise, her calm manner. She's been much more than just a colleague to many in the team. She has been a mentor, a role model, a friend. The years she spent with us will leave their mark. Time for us to again express our gratitude!

"Barbara is a doyenne of MICE"

"We were really lucky to have Barbara join our team in spring 2012," recalls Head of Airline Tickets For Groups Martina Zocher-Torbohm. "For years, she had been a client of ours working for the MICE agency kogag". We were arranging the first flights together with Barbara way back in 1996. "At the time, I could never imagine all the things we'd go on to experience together," recalls Pro Sky founder and CEO Armin Truger. "Working for and with Barbara was wonderful, and even more wonderful to then have her as a colleague". "Her knowledge has been incredibly valuable to Pro Sky," explains Martina Zocher-Torbohm. "Barbara knew from her own experience not only how to impress our clients, but also used this knowledge to develop key skills and structures within our department. Barbara is an old hand in the MICE sector and has been an incredible asset to our team!".

"Even 1,000 tickets couldn't faze Barbara"

Her conscientious approach meant Barbara quickly became responsible for the ticketing of major international clients in the automotive and events sector, a role in which she repeatedly amazed her colleagues. "At 9.00 am, I'd still be getting my head round an upcoming mass-ticket issue, and five minutes later Barbara would have already issued 1,000 tickets," says her colleague Lucia Vicari with a laugh. "Barbara's simply amazing!". Her colleague Jennifer Meiners, remembering similar experiences, calls Barbara our Ticketing Queen. "She never lost her sense of humour, even when names were supplied late in the day or changes made at short notice. Even when things got stressful, we still managed to have a laugh together," Jennifer reveals. "I'll miss that the most".

"Her cheerfulness and patience have been an inspiration"

Anyone who had the pleasure of working with Barbara knows exactly why her colleagues are so sad to say goodbye to her. But it's not easy to put your finger on it. "I'll miss Bärbel's unflappable manner," says her colleague Carsten Rudzuck, emphasising that he means this as a great compliment. He's right. Barbara has been a pillar of calm and yet always resolute. She could take the lead and yet has always been a team player. "And you could always talk to her about anything. Her cheerful and patient manner can only inspire us all," says her colleague Susanne Drenks. "I'm going to miss her a lot!".

"A colleague you'll remember for years to come!"

Barbara's departure is also sure to be a source of sadness for clients. Barbara was all about providing excellent advice and support. "With each of her clients, Barbara has forged a unique relationship," says Martina Zocher-Torbohm. "Every client was impressed by her service skills and knowledge of the aviation industry". But despite all her expertise, Barbara has always remained modest, never boasting about her abilities: "The team always came first and to many she's much more than just a popular colleague". Dragana Hopf possibly knows this best. "Barbara is a colleague you'll remember for years to come," says Dragana, visibly moved here. "Someone you had a great time with, despite a heavy workload. A warm-hearted colleague!".

"25 years of wonderful memories"

"I'd like to thank Barbara on behalf of the whole team for 25 years of wonderful memories of flying to events and working on the most amazing projects," said Armin Truger. "We thank you for your reliance, support and dedication over all these years and now wish you, with all our hearts, happiness and contentment in this new phase of your life".