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Whether travelling to a meeting in a busy city, taking a trip to a hard-to-reach place or flying business partners to your premises, a helicopter is often the most direct, quickest and convenient method of corporate travel. Helicopter flights - a door to door travel experience which is cost-effective and convenient. And, with Pro Sky, we will customise your helicopter charter to help you reach your business goals.

Door to door

Door to door

Since helicopters don't require a runway, you get closer to your destination. From hotel roofs to fields, helicopters can land in relatively small spaces and bring you right to where you want to go.


Fly in comfort

Fly in comfort

No traffic jams, no train delays, no airline strikes and no check in. Flying by helicopter gives you the freedom to create your own schedule and always arrive on time.




With point-to-point travel, no traffic delays and simple boarding procedures helicopter flights are a far more time-efficient business solution. Moreover, you save on travel costs too, because helicopters are less expensive than most private jets for short-haul flights.


WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD to advising you on your next helicopter charter.


Fabrice Koeb

Managing Director

PRO SKY Switzerland

E-mail: Fabrice.Koeb@pro-sky.com


2018-03-04Which music scenes are you plugging into this year?

Which music scenes are you plugging into this year?

Our private jet and helicopter services are in perfect harmony with your VIP travel needs. The start of spring is just weeks away, and that means performers and music fans are making travel plans for their favorite time of year: festival season! With tickets to major events selling quickly—Tomorrowland is already sold out—it’s not too soon to put your music festival itinerary together.