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  • Enjoy VIP feeling from the day 1​
  • Simplify journey through the airport with top services
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The airport is the first place your attendees will meet at the start of their journey. It is important that they can find their way, know that they are accompanied, but also easily find your company, whether on departure or arrival.


Your event begins at the airport: VIP services

The airport is not just a place where people meet. It is also a space that offers you a wide range of customization possibilities, depending on the type of event you are organizing:

  • Are you planning an event to reward your direct sales team? In this case, you need to make them feel special from the beginning, which can start at the boarding gate with a buffet in your colours.
  • Are you planning a MICE event and your clients need to spend one or more nights in a hotel? We can arrange their flight check-in directly from the hotel.
  • Are you organizing an annual meeting with your board of directors? We can provide you with access to the airport VIP lounge.
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Further highly rated airport
For a smooth group journey

  • Pre-check-in of your passengers and baggage management by us
  • Luggage tagging with your logo
  • SMS Service
  • Display of your brand on screens and banners at check-in and boarding,
  • Flowers and red carpet at check-in
  • Airport welcome service

Pro Sky is uniquely positioned to be particularly flexible regarding your needs. Do not hesitate to contact our Flight Customization Team to find out which options would suit you best.

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PRO SKY SOLUTIONS:Airport & Inflight Services

tarmac Flight Manager support

Flight Manager

Our Pro Sky Flight Manager is available to accompany you on each of your group flights and to ensure that your trip runs smoothly. We always listen carefully to your requests and aim to always provide you with an effective solution if necessary.

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On-board services

Want to personalize your group flight in the air? Discover our Inflight services: branding and catering.

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