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With over 25 years of experience working with thousands of clients, you can rely on our operational understanding, availability and financial guarantees. We offer tailor-made flight solutions – always according to your individual needs. Whether it’s price, comfort, travel time or the ideal overall package, we always ensure that your group reaches its destination with the best matching connection.

At Pro Sky, you have the perfect combination of a digital product and great customer service: find, book and manage your flights on your dedicated platform and have your own project manager that personally takes care of your needs.

We always deliver excellence, whether we are transporting 10 or 10,000 passengers, they are flying together or from different departure points.

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Scheduled, Charters & Combination flights: Connections that work for you

As the most comprehensive provider on the market, Pro Sky offers a full range of scheduled and charter flights, as well as a mix of both. This means that we can always offer you the best value flight option – at top rates.

  • Scheduled flights?Charter flights? Or the combination of both? Only Pro Sky has the whole range of offers.
  • Pro Sky top conditions – thanks to our best contacts to over a hundred airlines
  • Unbeatable in price and performance: we will find the ideal flight solution for you, while cutting your flight costs by as much as 30%
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Upgrade your flight: Customisation services non-stop

Pro Sky is your wish-fulfiller and personal assistant. We know that group decisions often take time. That’s why we have positioned ourselves to be particularly flexible when it comes to your needs.

With Pro Sky Flight Customization Services, we offer you a wide range of additional services for your group flight. Just let us know your individual wishes.

  • Convenient hotel check-in – we make it possible.
  • Airport or on-board branding – Pro Sky realizes your ideas.
  • Travel plans in your corporate design – personalized for each guest.
  • Play it safe: on request, our emergency standby service will take care of your passengers in case of strike, delay, severe weather or missed feeder flight – with telephone standby and personal on-site service.

Flight customisation

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Your digital solution: Your digital journey begins here

Only Pro Sky offers a digital solution dedicated to group flights, where you can compare, calculate and book all charter and scheduled flights free of charge, as well as manage and share projects.​

  • Compare all charter and scheduled flight options at a glance and choose the one that’s right for you.
  • Check the accessibility of your desired destination.
  • Book conveniently and easily yourself.
  • Manage personal projects and share them with others.
  • Join our community of more than 13,000 users.

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Your 9 benefits to booking group flights with Pro Sky

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Personal Contact

  • Having a direct personal contact saves time and gives peace of mind
  • No engaged hotlines, endless queues or constantly changing contacts
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One-to-one destination advice

  • Information about possible destinations and cost-effective alternatives
  • Detailed information about destinations to match your group and budget
  • We consider the airport’s location, infrastructure and connections
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Better overview of offers

  • Flights are sorted based on arrival times rather than a price overview
  • Possibility of two one-way flights instead of a return with the same airline
  • Consideration of special baggage requirements
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Flexible passenger management

  • Forward planning for various scenarios + reservation of allotments
  • Passenger management + travel plans in your company’s corporate design
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Optimize travel cost

  • Flight savings of up to 30 percent
  • Special terms due to close relations with airlines worldwide
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Small deposit with big impact

  • A small down payment is almost always enough for group bookings.
  • Free changes to names/group numbers until the day of ticket issue
  • Flexible cancellation terms from selected airlines
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Transparent contracts

  • Clear contract with Pro Sky instead of confusing airline terms
  • We check terms and conditions, guarantees and cancellation instructions
  • Payment schedules and cancellation requirements in plain English
  • The result: short contracts, no hidden costs, maximum transparency
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Fast help if your flight is cancelled

  • Option to choose from all available connections if a flight is cancelled
  • No need to depend on the airline’s alternative flight
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Emergency standby support

  • Ideal in the event of strikes, delays, storms or missed feeder flights
  • Depending on package, consultant can be reached within a few minutes
  • Our service includes telephone advice, re-bookings or new bookings