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What Pro Sky brings to the cruise industry

We make you fly whenever you want

As a group flight specialist, Pro Sky regularly organises charter flights for the cruise industry, sets up extensive flight programmes and ensures smooth passenger exchange. Whether a six-month programme for a weekly transfer from Germany to Palma de Mallorca or flight solutions to remote destinations: Pro Sky can do it all so the holiday can start at the airport.

Do you want the best selection?

You have only been working with national airlines so far? Many shipping companies feel the same way. The problem: flight solutions from foreign airlines usually remain undiscovered. Pro Sky is changing this, using worldwide contacts and many years of experience to analyse the market comprehensively. After all, you don’t deserve just any offer, but the best.

Need quick help in case of emergency?

If the ship has a technical defect or the airline you originally booked suddenly declares insolvency, immediate action is required. This is when Pro Sky’s team of experienced flight consultants truly proves its worth, setting up flights for groups of well over 1,000 passengers – often in just two to six hours. One of many reasons why almost all major European cruise operators are regular customers of ours by now.

Do you need comprehensive advice?

In recent years, the demand for cruises has increased dramatically. Thanks to its international team and offices in four countries, Pro Sky is very well-positioned not only in Europe, but also in North and South America.

“We all come from the charter sector and have experience with flight solutions for cruises. In Pro Sky, we can develop our strengths in a targeted manner, provide our customers with even better advice and research flight solutions for destinations around the world.” Lena Schauerte, Deputy Head of Aircraft Charters Europe.

If you interesting in making a group flight booking for your next cruise trip, you can send your requests to our Cruise Team cruiseteam@pro-sky.com

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Your contact for the cruise industry

Andy Falck

Head of Aircraft Charters Europe


Testimonials: What our customers say about us

Safrans du Monde

“Working with PRO SKY is always a great pleasure. We have built up a trustful relationship and I can focus on other things that I should be doing in my role. I know PRO SKY will get the job done according to my requirements or even beyond and even if there are challenges along the way I can fully rely on the competencies of the PRO SKY team.”

  • Guy Bigiaoui
  • Safrans du Monde

Let your journey begin: Book your group flight now.

Finding a flight and following all your journey’s steps has never been easier.

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