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Like any other industry, consulting firms and agencies continue to organise events that bring their staff, teams, and key clients together. With over 25 years’ recognised experience in organising group flights and hundreds of successful flights to date, we understand and anticipate the specific needs of your business sector, whether it’s Consulting, Law, or IT.

Group flights for Consulting, IT and Law firms

Whether you’re a small, medium, or multinational Consulting, IT or Law firm, organising annual events for your teams can quickly become complex and time-consuming. And this is true whether you have a dedicated department or not:

  • Communications & Events
  • Purchasing
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Or if you use the services of a MICE agency…

If you find yourself in this situation and need to manage an event, you can count on us, just like many customers before you.

Our support for your business trips

With your day-to-day work focused on your customers, we understand that you want to bring your colleagues together in events that are dedicated to them, such as

  • Product launch
  • Incentive and reward trips
  • Integration seminars
  • Teambuilding and more…

All your employees need to come together to celebrate and feel part of your company.

Working hand in hand with us, we can learn more about your organisation’s structure and offer you flights and connections to match all of your needs.

Are your offices in the same country or on different continents? With our expertise, resources, and knowledge of the nature of your event, we can suggest the most suitable scheduled or chartered flights. However, if a combination of charter and scheduled flights is more appropriate, we will adapt the itineraries and offer you the best group flight solution to suit your needs.

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Want to reduce the carbon footprint of your journey? With Pro Sky, your group can also travel by train: charter a train, hire a private carriage and use our on-board services as if you were travelling by plane. This is possible on the German rail network with Deutsche Bahn (DB) and in France thanks to our SNCF accreditation. Contact our team to find out more.

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Getting your delegates to travel is much more than just flying to a chosen destination. There are many stages between the moment your guests check in at the airport and when they arrive at their accommodation. We do our utmost to ensure that they feel supported throughout their journey That’s why our operations teams, your project manager and Flight Manager are always on hand to help if anything goes wrong:

  • Ticket rebooking
  • Flight delays
  • Strikes
  • Flight cancellations, etc.

We listen to you and find solutions for every scenario.

Let your journey begin: Book your group flight now.

Finding a flight and following all your journey’s steps has never been easier.

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Pro Sky, the partner of choice for your group flights

Thanks to our recognised customer approach and expertise, we understand your key challenges and are ready to tackle them with you. Corporate travel has been made more accessible over the past few years, even more so when teams are spread across the globe. But more recently, budgets have been reallocated and many companies now have a more limited budget to prepare for their annual meetings. Add to this the need to bring multiple locations together at the same time in the same place in the world (for the opening speech, for example) and the task becomes even more complex.

That’s why our operational teams and your Pro Sky Project Manager are trained and experienced in managing group flights for groups ranging from 10 to over 10,000 people from all over the world, with budgets and requirements as varied as they are different.

To ensure that your project is carried out in the best possible conditions:

  • We research all possible flights and schedules to ensure you all arrive on time for the big day,
  • We prepare and take great care to ensure that all your tickets are ready on time, including any additional services you have chosen.

By choosing our flight personalisation services, you can ensure that your attendees are accompanied and immersed in your brand universe from the airport and on board. Whether it’s your logo and colours on the display panels, the privatisation of a check-in counter, catering services at the airport or on board, or other very useful services to guide your staff around the terminals (SMS services, etc.). With these services, we welcome you on arrival and departure and take care of you every step of the way and that’s what our customers remember about their experience with Pro Sky.

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Your contact for Consulting & corporate travel

François-Xavier Camus

Director Sales Europe


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