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tarmac Flight Manager support

Having our Flight Manager is a guarantee that your trip will run smoothly. Your Flight Manager will be at the airport three hours prior to departure to assist you with all your needs, whether your group is travelling on a charter or scheduled flight. We know how important it is to manage the details on your departure day, so we make sure each of our Flight Managers has the skills necessary to ensure that everything works according to plan.

Non-stop support: Team of specialists

Our Flight Managers do not work alone. Behind each of them is a team of specialists working for you from our offices: Pro Sky is connected to the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, also known as Eurocontrol. This means that we can determine exactly where your aircraft is at any given time and identify delays before they occur. This information is sent directly to the Flight Manager at the airport.

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Always available: Flight Manager

Your Flight Manager is not just there to make sure your trip runs smoothly. They are an integral part of your project:

  • He/She is your operational guarantee, ensuring that all flight plans are valid.
  • He/She provides on-site supervision so that your passengers can concentrate on their trip. Your Flight Manager makes sure that the additional services are ready for you.
  • He/She manages passengers, especially when there are last-minute changes to the passenger list with the handling agents.

Your Flight Manager is your personal contact at the airport and on board. If you or your guests have any questions, he or she will be there to answer them and to support you or your group.

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Airport Services

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Onboard Services

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