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PRO SKY is miles ahead when it comes to organizing group flights around the globe. Meet the international team that makes this possible with daily dedication and passion. Also, discover what drives us, our company history, and who you will be flying with on your next adventure – be it on your group flight or as part of the PRO SKY team!


PRO SKY, a hummingbird spirit

When Armin Truger founded Pro Sky in 1996, he envisioned a company that would help its customers fly wherever and whenever they wanted, with best-in class conditions and services. So, it was only natural, that over the years the hummingbird became part of Pro Sky’s identity! It represents

  • Agility: in addition to flying forwards, it can also fly in any direction required. At Pro Sky we take this on board and constantly evolve our business and solutions to adapt to market and customer needs.
  • Power: it has an enormous force in relation to its body weight, being the lightest bird in the world. At Pro Sky we focus on our strengths and do not carry much baggage to deliver the best solutions to our customers.
  • Speed: it has one of the highest speeds in diving and even has a speed record for its body length. At Pro Sky we aim to be responsive to our customers.
  • Colourful & Diverse: it has the most colourful and bright plumage of birds with over 330 different species. At Pro Sky we foster an international, multi-cultural environment ready to service customers from very diverse backgrounds.
  • These are the ingredients that make Pro Sky who we are. Naturally, as the company has evolved and grown, our teams have never stopped diversifying, whether in terms of professional or personal experience, interests, or cultural backgrounds. We are proud to operate in 4 countries and 2 continents: Cologne, Paris, Zurich and Sao Paulo. At Pro Sky, more than 24 languages are spoken every day.

The spirit of Pro Sky: as a team we are human, diverse and have a sense of humour, at the same time we are innovative, accountable, we strive for growth and focus on our customers.

Interview of Armin Truger, CEO of PRO SKY

Meet us


PRO SKY is a community of passionate, fun and forward-thinking professionals from different parts of the world. Discover what it means to be part of the PRO SKY team. Can you envision yourself in our future?

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Pro Sky team


Passion, enthusiasm and teamwork define PRO SKY. It’s more than just a company or a workplace; it’s a community. Discover the people who make PRO SKY what it is every day.

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A plane flying over a forest


Environmental responsibility and sustainability are focal points at PRO SKY. We want to connect people and destinations responsibly and consciously. Discover our sustainable actions.

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Our mission

Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of group flights, be it scheduled flights or aircraft charters. With Pro Sky, customers save time and money and enjoy a better experience.

Our values

We believe it is important to work successfully together with our business partners, colleagues, owners, and investors, while acting as a corporate citizen.

Pro Sky Team - we focus on our customers

We focus on our customers

  • Creating value for our customers is the first reason for our being. Without customers, nothing else matters.
  • It is our priority to understand and fulfil our customers’ needs better than any other company.
  • We are available for our customers when they need us, based on sound organizational planning and individual flexibility.
  • We want to make our customers successful and happy.
Pro Sky Team - we are one team

We are one team

  • We succeed as a team, supporting each other.
  • We are respectful of each other and communicate openly. We give colleagues direct and constructive feedback and solve conflicts with an “I want to help you”-mindset.
  • There is room for everyone to voice ideas.
  • We look for and cherish individuality with diverse, international backgrounds.
Pro Sky Team - we strive to grow

We strive to grow

  • Every day we passionately develop our services, products, processes, and ourselves.
  • The financial growth of our company enables investment in our people and future developments.
  • We reflect and embrace our mistakes in order to continuously improve and learn.
  • We empower people and push down decision power.
  • When we learn and grow, the company grows and vice versa.
  • We celebrate our successes: In the office, we want to hear the gong sound – the more often the better.
Pro Sky Team - we are accountable

We are accountable

  • We take ownership of our actions, always. We deliver against our ambitious targets.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for all our decisions and actions towards our customers, colleagues, partners and our social and ecological environment. Accordingly, we take actions so that in the future people will still want to fly.
  • We aim to be the partner of choice, for long-term relationships.
  • You can count on us.
Team Pro Sky

We innovate

  • We are pioneers in the group flight ecosystem, and we make a difference through our ground-breaking products and services.
  • We translate and implement opportunities fast and by embracing change we revolutionize group air travel – both on- and offline.
  • We are builders – not brokers.
One person presenting something in front of others

At Pro Sky, our team offers room to grow

For over 25 years, we have been able to find the best possible solutions for our clients from a variety of industries. We offer the best flight options from charter to scheduled flights or even a combination of both. Our working atmosphere allows us to find the best connections because as a team we live and breathe cooperation and customer orientation.

A women infront of a screen, wearing a headset while smiling

As innovators and pioneers, we reach for new heights

We challenge ourselves and think one step ahead to satisfy our customers. We see change as an opportunity and find a way to turn ideas into reality. That is why we work together across teams to combine our skills and strengths. This allows us to constantly evolve and focus on our customers’ needs.

CO2 written by clouds in the sky

For our fellow human beings and the environment

Our business connects people, countries and continents. This has an impact on society and the environment. We understand the impact of our actions and are committed to taking responsibility to support the transition to a sustainable aviation industry.