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  • Get instant price estimates for scheduled and charter flights
  • Search for all your group flights departing from multiple airports
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With PRO SKY, there’s an easier way to organize group flights. Our digital solution lets you find, compare and book all your charter and scheduled flights for free and track your plans from start to finish with ease.

Join a community of over 13,000 users and find your ideal flight today!

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Your Benefits from our digital solution: Discover new

Do you need to organize a group flight for your teams or one of your clients, but don’t know which destination will suit your budget or dates?

Talk to your PRO SKY Project Manager to find the destination that best suits your needs!

And did you know that charter flights open up a whole new range of destinations that are not accessible by scheduled flights? PRO SKY gives you the right tools to find the best option among thousands of alternatives.

Multi-depature flight search

Multi-departure flights

Enjoy our new feature that will save time and reduce costs! Thanks to our multi-departure flight search, which enhances our current flight search bar, you’ll be able to plan all your flights from from an unlimited number of departure airports and get a quick overview of potential flights and estimated costs for your event, thanks to 3 clear flight sortings: “Lowest price”, “Ideal” and “Custom”.

Find out more about this new feature in our article

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Get instant budgeting

Do you want to know how much a charter flight costs and whether a scheduled flight would be more economical?

Get all the fares based on the route flown, knowing that companies offer different fares for groups of 10+ passengers. Find the solution that best fits your budget.

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All group flight solutions 1 click away

We want to offer you the best solution for your group. To do this, we present you with scheduled flights, charter flights, and routes that combine these two types of flights. With access to 100% of flight options, you can easily compare criteria such as budget, accessibility, and travel time.

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Simplified booking process

Long, complicated processes are a thing of the past! We make it easy for you to make the right decision by using clear language and providing you with specific quotes for your project. Choose the best option following our recommendations or compare airline and aircraft information yourself.

Let your journey begin: Book your group flight now.

Finding a flight and following all your journey’s steps has never been easier.

How to find your flight and book it with PRO SKY’s digital solution.

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1. Find and budget your flight

  • Search for flights and get an initial cost estimate for your project instantly.
  • Access an overview of scheduled and charter flights and easily compare criteria such as price, accessibility, and travel time.
  • Select the flight options that suit you to receive more detailed quotes
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2. View and book your flight

  • Receive personalized and clear quotes with a recommendation from your dedicated project manager
  • Choose the best matching option from our recommendations or compare airline and aircraft information yourself
  • Book the options of your choice
  • Create the best experience for your guests; from airport and on-board branding to ancillary services such as baggage handling and hotel check-in
  • Offset your CO2 emissions
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3. Manage your flights

  • Invite colleagues to collaborate. Share your projects with up to 10 other users in your organization
  • Track the progress of your project online