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  • Expertise onboard and at the airport
  • Experts in on-the-spot support
  • Ensure a smooth journey with PRO SKY
tarmac Flight Manager support

The PRO SKY Flight Manager is your personal guarantee that your trip will run smoothly –at the airport and, if required, onboard. Our Flight Manager is available onsite three hours before departure. Therefore, you can be sure that your guests will always have fantastic support, whether they’re booked on a charter or scheduled flight. Every one of our Flight Managers is a proven professional with several years of aviation and event experience. If you or your guests have any questions, he or she will be there to answer them and to support you. Read on to find out how a PRO SKY Flight Manager can make all the difference for your next group trip.


NON-STOP SUPPORT: Team of specialists

Our Flight Managers do not work alone. Behind each of them is a team of specialists working for you from our offices: PRO SKY is connected to the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, also known as Eurocontrol. This means that we can determine exactly where your aircraft is at any given time and identify delays before they occur, and this information is sent directly to the Flight Manager at the airport.


Your Flight Manager is not just there to make sure your trip runs smoothly. They are an integral part of your project:

  • They are your operational guarantee, ensuring that all flight plans are valid.
  • Provide on-site supervision so that your passengers can concentrate on their trip. Your Flight Manager makes sure that the additional services are ready for you.
  • Manage passengers, especially when there are last-minute changes to the passenger list with the handling agents.

Supporting departures at the airport

Airports are often chaotic. The PRO SKY Flight Manager guarantees you a relaxed start to your journey by looking after guests and taking care of communications on-site, while sending you regular updates.


Managing check-ins

Our staff check whether a flight is correctly displayed on the information boards and ensure that check-in counters are easy to find and staffed (usually 2 hours before departure).

Briefing handling agents

All important information about the group (e.g. arrival of guests, VIP’s, special seat requests, latest name changes) are conveyed to the handling agent. Your flight manager will also facilitate exchanges with special assistance companies, airlines, and airport authorities.


Regular updates

We inform your point of contact at the airport or your office about special details (expected departure time, traffic situation on your route, your gate etc.).

Welcoming guests

If you wish during check-in, we welcome your guests at the check-in desk. Our flight manager will help your customers prepare the travel documents and formalities to present to the check-in agents.

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Support when delays happen

If there is a delay, the PRO SKY Flight Manager will personally attend to your guests and inform them of further measures.

Forwarding information

After departure, our agent provides you with all of the information for the rest of your trip (departure times, expected arrival times, number of guests/luggage items, no-show guests, reasons for delays, etc.).

At the airport and onboard: Flight support handled by your Flight Manager

Ensure that everything goes as planned, whether at the airport of on-board. The Flight Manager will be happy to accompany you to the airport and on-board, brief the crew and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Final crew briefing

Your Flight Manager gives a final briefing to the airline crew and supervises all agreed on-board services such as catering and branding. The Flight Manager will also inform the crew of any special announcement to be made on-board according to your request.

Preventing lost luggage

While your guests relax in their seats, we work with the ramp agent to ensure all luggage is brought on board.

Tracing lost luggage

If an item of luggage is not loaded or loaded incorrectly, your Flight Manager will immediately begin tracing it, communicating with international airports, airlines and handling agents and arranging for the luggage to be delivered to the hotel.

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