Just Miles Ahead.: Airport Services

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People walking through the terminal of an airport

The airport is the first step of the journey where your attendees will meet each other. It is important that they can find their way, know that they are accompanied, and also easily find your company, whether on departure or arrival. For this, PRO SKY has a wide range of airport services that are bookable on both scheduled and charter flights!

Do you want a check-in option from your hotel, a gate buffet, or access to exclusive airport lounges? See all our airport services below: we are experts at providing our customers with unforgettable experiences and we guarantee you a personal contact at the airport to guide you, resulting in more peace of mind.



The airport is not just a place where people meet. It is also a space that offers you a wide range of customisation options, depending on the type of event you are organizing:

  • Are you planning an event to reward your direct sales team? In this case, you’ll most likely want to make them feel special right from the beginning, which can often start at the boarding gate with a buffet in your colours.
  • Are you planning a MICE event with one or more nights in a hotel? We can arrange their flight check-in directly from the hotel.
  • Are you organizing an annual meeting with your board of directors? We can provide you with access to the airport VIP lounge.

Which Airport Service…:

…on scheduled flights, charter or both?

illustration airport services for charter andor scheduled flights
exclusive check-in desk


The exclusive check-in counter for your group is the cornerstone for customising the check-in area and allows your guests to check in directly for their flight without having to queue. It is the perfect airport service, especially if you want your guests to feel no difference between charter and scheduled flights.

Carpet at the check-in desk

What better way to express your appreciation for your guests than a red carpet in front of the check-in desk? This airport service lends even more luxury and exclusivity to your reception*. If you want your welcome to be particularly impressive, then choose your own tailor-made carpet. Printed either with your company logo or any other motif of your choice, you’ll be creating a special highlight that is guaranteed to get your guests’ attention.

*on request, also available in other colours.

logo on banner check-in

Banner display at the check-in

Book this airport service to prominently position your message. Our banner displays offer plenty of space for your brand message. Whether that’s an individual welcome, a high-quality photo collage or a timeline showing your guests what awaits them, only your imagination can limit you. Two square metres of space per display help to get your guests in the mood for the upcoming event directly from the check-in desk.

Logo on the screen

If you are looking for something eye-catching that shows your guests that you have simply thought of everything, the individual screen designs at the check-in desk are guaranteed to impress. Not only do they help your guests to find their way, but they also offer extra space for brand communication. Whether it’s your company name, event logo or a special greeting in your corporate design –there are no limits to your imagination here.

cathering airport PRO SKY

Gate buffet & snack bags

Sweeten the waiting times for your guests with a gate buffet, e.g. with tasty snacks, full meals or coffee and cake. It won’t just be a feast for the eyes, but also gives travellers the option of packing snack bags for the flight. You also have the option of receiving culinary delights on-board even if the airline has no on-board catering, or you can opt for a high-quality meal or even vegan food if required.


Relax and enjoy exclusive services. Lounge access means your guests can make the best possible use of their time prior to departure. They can work without distractions, try out culinary delicacies or simply enjoy a few quiet minutes. Is this what you’re looking for? Then contact us now and we’ll arrange the available lounges.

PRO SKY SMS services

SMS service

Want to put a smile on your guests’ faces! How? With a personal text message service, you can wish your guests a pleasant flight, at the same time as pointing out the location of the check-in desk, events at their destination, or special services – such as a gate buffet.

VIP service

Not having to queue is a major luxury for many guests. Our VIP service enables you to avoid long queues and board the aircraft away from the usual terminal routes. This means access via separate terminals, separate security checks and no crowds when transferring. Your guests are instead accompanied by a VIP attendant directly to the aircraft in exclusive limousines or VIP coaches, no matter what the airline or booking class.

PRO SKY luggage tag

Luggage tags

Present yourself as a service-orientated event organiser. With our hard plastic luggage tags, offer your guests a gift that they can continue to use in the future. The benefit is that you will demonstrate your talent for all-round service concepts, at the same time as gaining extra space for your brand message.

Host service at the airport

Welcome your guests with a service that goes the extra mile. As part of our host services, specially trained personnel will welcome your guests in person at the check-in desk, help them to navigate around the airport and accompany your group to the gate. As an added bonus the service enables you to register your guests for your event at their departure airport already, handing out name tags and event documentation.


EXCLUSIVELY ON CHARTER FLIGHTS: Off-airport check-in & baggage

Do you want to check in from the hotel? We can make that happen. Thanks to our off-airport check-in, your guests can leave their luggage in the hotel lobby and receive their boarding cards before they leave the hotel. Do you want to check in at a different location? We will organise the necessary permission. Start the day of travel with more comfort and peace of mind! We will also be happy to arrange luggage handling at your destination.

Create a memorable experience…: Customise your flight now

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