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Not sure what the best option is between a scheduled flight and a charter flight? Want to have both? The good news is that it is possible to combine flights; indeed, in many circumstances it is the most suitable option, such as when you need a long-haul flight, but the passengers live far apart.


Charter or scheduled?: Combine flights

The way it works is very simple: you can, for example, fly people from all over Europe on scheduled flights to Paris, where they board a charter flight to New York. This concept is particularly suitable for international conventions, trade shows and events, and for all types of industries and institutions. Whether you are a trading company, a law firm, a school or a performing arts group, combining flights often reduces costs and provides greater flexibility in organizing your event.


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Enjoy all the options: Get to your destination with a feeder flight

To get to your connecting flight on time, whether it is a scheduled flight or a charter flight that is part of your flight combination, we can offer you a bundled ticket including a feeder flight

We will book a ticket for you on a scheduled domestic flight operated by a scheduled airline that has seats available. For you and your passengers, this doesn’t change the experience: it’s just like a regular connection. You simply go to your new gate and fly to your final destination.

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