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Pro-Sky Food onboard

With PRO SKY’s onboard services, you can immerse all your guests in your brand and create a real group flight experience. Depending on your event, the number of passengers, the destination and your budget, our experts will help you to surprise your passengers above the clouds with a personal welcome and sophisticated brand message.

From impactful headrest covers, branding with coffee and onboard menus, to full aircraft the branding opportunities in the aircraft are as diverse as they are varied.

Whether you opt for traditional logos and slogans in your design or wish to incorporate photos of your destination, team photos or a combination of both –let us help you transform your individual ideas into a reality.

headrest branding

TAKE OFF WITH YOUR BRAND: Individual headrest cover

Maximise your brand exposure by having your logo displayed on your guests’ headrest covers. This creates a unique impact for larger groups in particular when entering the aircraft. But you will also convey a feeling of luxury to smaller groups in this way.

branded napkin
@World Tour 2023_Safrans du Monde

Branded napkins

Go the extra mile with bespoke printed napkins for your guests. Branded napkins handed out with food and drinks convey your attention to detail and underline the individual character of the trip. If you are visiting another country, you could also have a list of keywords and phrases in addition to your logo!

Exclusive cups

Regardless of whether your guests enjoy tea or coffee onboard –your logo will be ever-present and directly connect the positive experiences during the flight to your brand. The entire surface of the cups can be printed, offering space for event information or photos of your destination, planned activities and team photos.

PRO SKY snack bag airport

Branded snack bag

Our customised snack bags are, for many, the icing on the cake when it comes to a branded flight experience. These high-quality paper bags offer so much space for your message. While many customers use this space to display their logo, many also opt for a special welcome message. Whatever you wish for – the sky is the limit.

branded aircraft
@World Tour 2023_Safrans du Monde

Special paintwork for the wow factor: Exclusive aircraft branding

Have you ever considered branding an entire aircraft for your guests? You can use special films to transform a conventional aircraft into your very own personal jet. The result is a personalised exterior design for the ultimate in tailored brand communication!

Whether you opt for complete or partial branding: a special paint finish with your logo and your slogan is an attention-grabbing form of advertising that is guaranteed to stay in your guests’ memories. Ultimately this is due to the size of the advertising space. An Airbus A 320 measuring 38 metres in length provides space for brand messages that can be recognised from afar.

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