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PRO SKY is the business aviation provider of choice for the global automotive industry. With over 2 decades of experience working with leading brands such as Mercedes, our experts will do everything in their power to make all your projects a reality.

PRO SKY THE group flight expert for the automotive industry: Take your business further

Every year, car manufacturers trust us to transport dealers, customers, journalists and engineers to events all over the world. We have the right group flight solution for you, whether you need to travel to a specific destination to:

  • Launch your new product
  • Test your products in extreme conditions
  • Attend conferences and motor shows
  • Hold your team event of the year
  • Organise training or press events
  • Corporate air shuttles between your sites or proving grounds

Our experts are to help, whether your event is related to a product test, trade fair or anything else. They can even help you to choose a destination.


PRO SKY the wish fulfiller for the automotive industry: Charter and scheduled flights for the automotive industry

Our turnkey service concept for charter and scheduled flights enables us to help our customers reach the best destinations. We also offer a full range of branding options and services to help you promote your company and product at the airport and in-flight, ensuring your guests are fully immersed in your brand throughout their journey:

  • Your logo on check-in and boarding screens
  • Buffet at the airport
  • Headrest with your logo
  • Customised fuselage in your colours
  • Flight Manager

Anything is possible with our flight personalisation services! Make your flight request using our search bar, via your customer account or by contacting our teams directly.

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Flights to Swedish Lapland

To Arvidsjaur with PRO SKY non-stop flights

Whether you’re a corporate customer or a group of individuals, PRO SKY has the perfect product for you since 2015: we’ll fly you to Arvidsjaur several times a week from January to March. Find out more about our offers and upcoming flights!


Let your journey begin: Book your group flight now.

Finding a flight and following all your journey’s steps has never been easier.

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Your contact for the Automotive industry

Michael Rölle

Key Account Manager


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