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  • From 10 to 10.000 passengers, even with special baggage requirements
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Pro Sky works with B2B clients from across a range of industries. With over 25 years of experience, we have a proven track record of successful group flights.

You need to book a group flight? Don’t hesitate, Pro Sky is your partner, whatever your industry.

Your group flight expert for all industries

We’re flexible for you, so you can get the ideal flight solution and the smoothest journey possible: no matter what industry you work for –even the most specific one–, whether you want to carry 10 or 4,000 passengers, at a particular time or not: we fly everyone, everywhere, at any time and for all types of events. We have a strong expertise in group flights which allows us to fly you in the same country and internationally, while considering your budgetary constraints and your specific wishes: you have special luggage to take with you? We have experience with our customers in transporting musical instruments, wheelchairs, sports and medical equipment and much more. We take care to make your event memorable, and thanks to our strong purchasing power we can offer you competitive conditions at all times.

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Are you a MICE agency planning an event for a group of people? Do you need a reliable way to book flights that best suit your event and individual needs? As a renowned MICE partner, we will find the best matching option to make your travel program come to life.


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Partner of the automotive industry

Since 1996, we have offered our group flight solutions to the automotive industry. If you are planning a new product launch, training, press event or need an air shuttle between company locations, you will get the best service with charter flights, scheduled flights or a combination of both. With our branding and service options, you can promote your company and products throughout the trip.


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Direct Sales

When you travel and organize your annual incentives, we understand that this event must be an absolute highlight for your direct sales teams. That is why Pro Sky is known as the most flexible partner for group flights, specializing in last-minute bookings, flight changes and additional services that make your event memorable and rewarding.

Direct Sales

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Cruise industry

The cruise industry is one of our biggest partners, as cruises often have different start and end points. If you need to fly your attendees from different locations, our cruise operations team will find the perfect flight solution for you.


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Arts & culture

Our clients in the sports, pilgrimage, and arts and culture industries often have special requirements or equipment that needs to be flown with them. Thanks to our experience with these sectors, we are experts in transporting instruments, wheelchairs, and other materials. We take care of every detail so you can have peace of mind.

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School trips

Are you planning your next school class trip to immerse students in new cultures and real-life experiences? We transport groups of students of all sizes, from children to young adults. With safety and cost efficiency as our top priorities, we take great care to offer you the best flight options with the most appropriate services to meet all your needs, and to reassure parents and school boards.


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Financial institutions

Whether you need to make a last-minute booking, change the flight itinerary at short notice, want to surprise a guest with extra-special catering, or simply need a limousine on standby at a destination, with Pro Sky you can have it all. We have a long, successful track record of organising corporate travel for the finance sector.