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Sometimes, when you want to fly a group of people, the destination, dates or schedules do not coincide with scheduled flights. In this situation, taking a scheduled flight would cost you more because you would have to leave the day before or take different routes. Don’t worry, Pro Sky takes care of everything with charter flights.


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Group Flight Experts

With our team of group flight experts, you can charter a plane and fly wherever you need to go, regardless of your industry, group size or event. Whether it’s for your company, your clients or even a sports club, we have the perfect solution for you.

By chartering a flight for your group trip, you can offer your team and participants an unforgettable experience. With our Flight Customization Services, you can brand the aircraft with your own or your clients’ logo. You can even customize check-in displays, the in-flight catering service, and even accompany your clients with an SMS service when they have a connection flight.

Andy Flack, Director of Aircraft Charters

Head of Aircraft Charters Europe: Andy Falck

“For a group, a charter flight can be an unforgettable experience. We can make boarding announcements, decorate the aircraft to reflect their brand and provide personalized service.” Some clients even choose a charter flight to make an in-flight presentation.

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