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There are many factors to consider when travelling with a school group. What are the best travel dates? Will it be a short or long trip? One class or an entire year group? Things can quickly become complicated, especially when large groups are involved. This is where Pro Sky comes in. With over ten years of experience organising group trips for schools, we can quickly find the best flight solution for you, so that you are free to focus on planning memorable experiences for your students.

Four reasons why you should fly with Pro SKy:

  1. Over 10 years of experience
  2. Best value travel options
  3. Expert advice
  4. We take care of everything for you
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With Pro Sky, make your next school trip a true highlight: The perfect destination for every budget

Don’t know where to go yet? Pro Sky will be happy to provide the best destination options for your group. Looking for the best value flights ? We always have your budget in mind. Scheduled flights might be ideal for individual class trips, but charter flights may be an option for larger groups of classes. We’ll find out for you. Whether you’re looking for scheduled or charter flights, Pro Sky will find the best flight solution for your needs.

We are transparent and flexible

You will be able to view all available flight connections, and benefit from instant prices and our close ties to international airlines around the globe.

Security through simple contracts

One of the biggest benefits we offer is our contracts. We simplify the complex background processes for the things that are important to you and provide you with an overview of payment plans, cancellation requirements and other conditions. We keep the language simple and to a single page when possible. You then always have everything on hand. Read our guide now to finding the best group flights!

Individual advice

Our customers appreciate the personal contact they have with us. You will usually have queries even before the journey starts: whether you need help with check-in or answers to questions about travelling with baggage, we are here for you. We are always also happy to support you here and are always just a phone call away. We even offer an emergency standby service when required.


What our cus­tomers say about us


“I’m really glad that I made all the flight bookings with Pro Sky. Everything you arranged was perfect! No problems with seating arrangements or connections. I would like to say again thank you very, very much! It couldn’t have been better!”

  • Helmut Kaltenpoth
  • Albert-Martmöller-Gymnasium

Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Schule Lich

“We booked a group flight for an exchange in Spain through Pro Sky. In the run-up, the employee who looked after us was more than reliable and responded to each of our requests immediately, reliably and patiently. The strikes resulted in multiple rebookings on the return journey. Here Pro Sky was our rock in the surf. They negotiated everything with Lufthansa to our best advantage and also put up with very unpleasant conversations. Based on this experience, we can therefore recommend Pro Sky to everyone with the best of our knowledge and belief.”

  • Dunja Buß
  • Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Schule Lich
Martina Zocher-Torbohm, Head of Airline Tickets for Groups

Your School travel expert

Martina Zocher-Torbohm

Head of Airline Tickets for Groups


Let your journey begin: Book your group flight now.

Finding a flight and following all your journey’s steps has never been easier.

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