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Chartered or Scheduled

Always on target when it comes to sporting events

Pro Sky has a long track record of working with sporting teams and worldwide sports events. Here, our job is to ensure your guests arrive relaxed and ready for all for action. Our own team has all the tools and skills they need to make that happen, providing you the perfect flight programme. Pro Sky is ideal partner for:

  • Teams and Staff
  • Sponsors
  • Fans
  • Sport federations
  • Media, journalists

A perfect performance

For years we have built a strong relationship with airlines and airports in order to ensure you receive the most convenient flight programme. Depending on your needs, we will be able to manage traffic rights, parking slots and even extend airport opening hours so that you can experience your sporting event in the best possible way.

Winning services

No matter whom we are flying, our goal is to meet the needs of every single passenger. From getting bus access on the apron and special catering for athletes to exclusive check-in counters and branding the aircraft for sponsors and executives, the sky is the limit.

Flexible delivery

Just like the players on the pitch, we know that we may need to adapt our game plan. Depending on the results of your team, we find the best alternatives on scheduled or charter flights, so that you won’t miss an action. On request and for each group flight, a Flight Manager on hand will take care of every eventuality

A Customer Experience

BAN Tours Croatia

In Brazil 2014 the whole world was celebrating football. In the thick of the action was Pro Sky. We seized the opportunity to ask customers from all over the world what air travel meant to them. MDs, event planners and sales managers told us about their experience and how Pro Sky was the perfect choice to organise their travel during the event. For more videos, subscribe to our channel Pro Sky TV.

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Finding a flight and following all your journey’s steps has never been easier.

Francois-Xavier Camus_Pro Sky

Your contact for Sport Group flights

François-Xavier Camus

Director Sales Europe


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