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Group Flights FAQ

Charter Flights

What is a charter flight?

A charter flight is a flight reserved exclusively for a specific group. The itinerary and timetable, as well as the services at the airport and on board the aircraft, are tailored to the needs of the customer.

Is a charter flight a private flight?

Yes, a charter flight is a “private” flight because the aircraft is exclusively booked for your guests. This includes aircraft with up to 500 seats. With Pro Sky, you can even choose which aircraft you want to fly with.

What does it cost to charter an aircraft?

The cost of a charter flight is dependent on different factors including aircraft type (the bigger the aircraft the higher the costs), routing (the longer the flight the higher the costs (e.g., for fuel and air traffic control costs etc.), and the handling costs of the airport.

What destinations are available for charter flights?

In addition to well-known international airports, charter flights open up a world of possibilities for potential destinations. Depending on the number of passengers, and the aircraft limitations, airports that can be difficult to reach through scheduled flights become easily accessible through charter operations!

What destinations are not available for charter flights?

Chartering an aircraft can open a world of possibilities. However, there are cases where certain airports will not operate charter flights (London Heathrow for example). In cases like these, our experienced teams will develop a suitable solution catered to your needs. The availability of a charter flight service may also depend on other operational factors such as runway length limitations, pilot certifications and possible weight limitations.


Scheduled Flights

What is a scheduled flight?

Airlines run flights on a schedule (from hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly flights) and sell individual tickets to their customers. The departure and arrival dates, times, and routing, are all fixed and cannot be changed by the customer. An example of a scheduled flight would be the type of flight you also take when you go on your private holidays. It follows a schedule (like for buses or trains for example), is shown on flight booking webpages and everybody can view and book seats on those flights.

What is the difference between a scheduled and non-scheduled flight?

A scheduled flight is usually planned by the airline and airport between 60 to 12 months in advance. A non-scheduled (charter) flight can be booked at shorter notice (ideally 9 – 12 months before desired departure date).

How much does a scheduled flight cost?

Prices depend mostly on the group size, destination, dates, airline, and availability of seats and/or flights. For scheduled flights, we recommend planning the journey a few months in advance. We recommend a minimum of three months if you fly from Europe to another European country and at least six months if you fly from Europe to a non-European country (and vis-versa).

When are scheduled flights cheaper?

Cheap scheduled flights change depending on the months when you want to fly. Usually, scheduled flights are cheaper when you travel outside of peak tourism times. Prices can also change depending on the days that you want to fly, the airline and airport etc. In other words, prices follow seasonal rules and depend on availability.

What is the difference between a scheduled flight and a chartered flight?

In most cases, a scheduled flight has lower fares than a charter flight. Groups smaller than 80 passengers can book a scheduled flight with fixed times. However, a charter flight brings more possibilities in terms of departure times, destination, group size, flight customisation, aircraft availability or even traffic rights. A charter flight is also less affected by strikes: it will only affect travel in the event of air traffic control strikes.


Environmental FAQ

Environmental Responsability

Is a scheduled flight less polluting than a charter flight?

CO2 emissions depend on the aircraft type. It doesn’t make a difference if it is a scheduled flight or a charter flight. The main exception is when an empty aircraft needs to fly from another airport to reach the departure location. This is known as a ferry flight.
In general, scheduled flights do not require ferry flights.

How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

You can discuss the sustainability solutions available for your specific route with your Pro Sky Project Manager. This might include SAF (sustainable aviation fuels), carbon offsetting, multimodality (e.g., combining plane and train travel) or you can simply ask for data on your flight’s impact and choose to manage it within your own CSR/ESG strategy.
At Pro Sky, we are currently collaborating with our partners to expand and improve our sustainability solutions portfolio. Stay informed about the latest developments in this area by checking for updates every time you make a booking with us.

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Services FAQ

Group Flight Cus­tomi­sa­tion Services

How can I book airport and inflight services?

All of our services are bookable with or without a scheduled or charter flight ticket organised by Pro Sky. To arrange this, you can easily contact us or directly send a request to our Airport & Inflight team in your customer account.

Why should I book a Flight Manager?

Your Pro Sky Flight Manager will help you in every situation at the airport and ensure that all services are in place when your group arrives. Also, the Flight Manager can assist if there are unexpected irregularities such as delays, industrial action, or lost luggage.

Why should I use branding options for my flight?

You should use branding option for your flight because your event starts at the airport itself.
Branding options are a great way to start your event before the flight even takes off. Pro Sky will work within your brand guidelines to create a highly personalised experience for your group.

What are airport services?

Airport services are services that make travel at the airport run smoother. This includes having a company or event logo displayed on check-in screens to show your guests the way to the dedicated check-in counters. More Airport Services to discover here.

What are on-board services?

On-board services include further branding options as well as upgraded catering options for your passengers.


Support throughout your project

How does check-in work for a large group of passengers?

Pro Sky charter flights have their own dedicated check-in counters. For group flights on scheduled services, we can book this as an additional service.

What happens to my flight if the airline goes on strike?

If an airline goes on strike, we take care of the communications while looking for alternative airports and bus transfers to ensure a smooth flight for your guests.

How do I know if my flight is likely to be cancelled?

If your flight is likely to be cancelled and you have booked a charter flight, we will contact you by phone and email and look for solutions. If your scheduled flight is likely to be cancelled, you will receive a message from us or the airline (if you have provided your mobile phone number for further information). With online check-in, the airline knows the customer’s mobile number and will send them information if the flight is cancelled. As cancellations can happen at very short notice, it is always a good idea to check the status of your flight online.

What happens if my group flight is delayed?

For charter flights, we will look after your guests at the airport with refreshments and status updates. For scheduled flights, the airlines are responsible: any delays are displayed on the airport screens. There is a compensation policy in place, but it is not proactively communicated by the airlines. Passengers must therefore check the airline’s website or the information desk to see what they can do. In most cases, airlines will compensate with drinks if the delay exceeds 3 hours.

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