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  • CO2 compensation made easy for all your group flights​
  • Long term collaboration with Atmosfair since 2015​
  • Active participation in innovative sustainable initiative

At Pro Sky we believe that a world without flying cannot be, therefore we take our role seriously as a responsible member of the aviation ecosystem. It connects everyone everywhere in the world, and we want future generation to be able to fly and feel good about it. We want to connect people and destinations, responsibly. That’s why environmental protection is so important to us and that we are working hard to be a responsible player in our industry.​


A long-term collaboration for our environmental responsibility

CO2 offset

The aviation industry is growing and has become essential to society as a driver of economic, social and cultural development. Only a combination of measures to reduce CO2 emissions, the development of new and innovative aircraft technologies/operations and the increased production of sustainable aviation fuels will make it possible to achieve the goals the industry has set.

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The main objective of the 2015 Paris Agreement is to keep the global average temperature increase well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, and to pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5°C. The European aviation industry is participating in the commitment to ensure that air transport meets Europe’s 2050 climate goals. This includes achieving net-zero carbon emissions by this time.

To work actively on this matter, Pro Sky has been offering a carbon calculator for group flights since 2015 in cooperation with Atmosfair. During the booking process, you have the option of calculating the emissions of your flight and offsetting them by supporting various climate protection projects or sustainable aviation fuels. The idea behind offsetting is that the effects of greenhouse gas emissions are not limited to a specific location. They affect the global climate regardless of where they are produced.

CO2 offset tool

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Atmosfair x Pro Sky: when integrity meets quality

All projects offered by Atmosfair adhere to strict integrity and quality criteria. They are double registered under UNFCCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) and Gold Standard. On top of these standards, Atmosfair adds some additional criteria to ensure that the projects support the transition to a sustainable, climate-friendly economy and society. This is called “additionality” and ensures that the projects are compatible with the development goals of the countries concerned.

The Gold Standard was created by the WWF to ensure that chosen projects contribute to sustainable development. The procedures of approval and testing under the Gold Standard are similar to those under the UNFCCC. However, in addition to the emission reductions achieved by a project, the contribution to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations is recorded by project operators.

In addition to reducing emissions, the climate projects are supposed to bring a technology transfer from an industrialized country to a developing country and contribute to a sustainable, climate friendly development in non-industrialized countries.

If you are interested in your carbon footprintand you would like to offset your emissions, you can access the CO2 offsetting tool that we have created in partnership with Atmosfair

CO2 offset tool

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SAF: another powerful environmental measure

At the moment, offsetting is a good solution for all emissions that cannot be avoided or reduced. However, offsetting alone will not be enough to achieve the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement. We need solutions that reduce the direct impact of aviation. To make this possible, Pro Sky has started to support Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). E-kerosene can be used as a drop-in fuel, which means that none of the current aviation infrastructure needs to be changed. Currently the aviation industry still faces limitations in terms of production, suppliers and governmental support, which makes SAF much more expensive than conventional kerosene. Due to the lack of availability, it is not possible to buy SAF for a specific flight. However, to contribute to this movement, you can support the construction and operation of E-Kerosene plants like the German fairfuel plant and initiative by Atmosfair.

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at Pro Sky

While we set a standard for our group flight solutions, we are taking clear actions for an environmentally friendly office. We want to become more sustainable; so let’s start with us. This is why at the end of 2020, we set up a working group on sustainable development and are committed to questions such as:

  • How can we raise colleagues’ awareness on the topic of sustainability?
  • How can we conserve resources and use sustainable products?
  • How can we avoid waste? What can we recycle?

Since that day, we are committed to having:

1. Green electricity

Which comes from 100% renewable energies (water and wind power)

2. Sustainable coffee

Organic, fair trade and purchased from the roastery around the corner in a returnable container.

3. Vegetarian and vegan food

When we have company events, vegan and bio milk every day, as well as sustainable snacks with packaging as plastic-free as possible

4. Sustainable dish soap

For crockery not dishwasher-safe, and recycled & sustainable products (for example, our dish cloths, brushes made of wood…)

5. A strict shopping policy

We buy locally as much as possible, a weekly fruit basket respecting the season and plastic-free tea brands

6. A water dispenser

And we use glass bottles when needed