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Corporate Citizenship - we are all in this together

At Pro Sky, we understand that businesses have an impact on society and the environment. And, just as people have individual accountability for their own actions, all businesses should be responsible too.

That’s why we always strive to act as an exemplary corporate citizen and have defined three key areas in which to focus in order to contribute positively to society and the environment:

The freedom of flying

The freedom of flying

Through our service offerings, we bring the world closer together.

We do not participate in arranging flights that might restrict the freedom of third parties and categorically refuse to organise deportation flights.

Socially aware

Socially aware

It is our aim to support people by providing opportunities for development and participation.

Pro Sky offers internships and apprenticeships, in combination with vocational education, work-study programs and other options for skill enhancement. In cooperation with international NGOs, we help to drive social change with a focus on integration, education and employability.



We take measures to reduce our own ecological footprint. And, through our CO2 calculator and environmental programs offer our customers the opportunity to calculate their own carbon footprint and offset their emissions.

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