In recent years, the demand for cruises has increased dramatically. Because the demand for corresponding flight solutions is also growing, Pro Sky established its own Cruise Team in 2020. "We all come from the charter sector and have experience with flight solutions for cruises," reports Lena Schauerte. "In the Cruise Team, we can expand our strengths in a targeted manner, advise customers even better and research flight solutions for destinations all over the world. Thanks to its international team and offices in four countries, Pro Sky is very well positioned not only in Europe but also in Asia, South and North America.

Telephone contact: +49 221 920 44 43

Lena Schauerte (middle): As team leader, Lena coordinates the enquiries of various shipping companies, takes care of strategic development, customer loyalty as well as customer acquisition and supports her team members in the operative business. In addition to her experience from working intensively with cruise customers and her tireless commitment, the shipping companies particularly appreciate her talent for organising overnight charter flights for cruise passengers in case of an emergency.

Olga Strackbein (left): Olga focuses on the European market. Here she provides attractive flight solutions for small shipping companies as well as large chains. She impresses not only with her fast reaction time, but above all with her excellent advice and her ability to translate complex issues into easily understandable terms. 

Mégane Salvi (right): From the Paris office, Megané coordinates both French and English enquiries, always inspiring with equally creative and precise solutions. Shipping companies are particularly thrilled by the fact that Mégane has already successfully organized several air cruises around the world and therefore effortlessly sets up complex flight programs.

The Pro Sky Cruise team