PRO SKY Airline Audit

As a company specialising in group and VIP flights, PRO SKY is particularly concerned to offer not only individual solutions, but above all also detailed information systems. The PRO SKY Airline Audit therefore takes into account important key indicators, such as:

  • the age of the fleet
  • the IOSA certification
  • aviation safety data (for example accident statistics)
  • the PRO SKY Quality Score

And we go even further. By cooperating with Dun & Bradstreet, leading provider of credit building and credibility solutions, we can also advise on the financial position of airlines. In this way, PRO SKY Airline Audit provides customers with planning security and actively helps to avoid risks and associated flight cancellations. This not only helps to protect the reputation of our customers against any potential disruptions to their business., but also to increase customer satisfaction.

PRO SKY Airline Audit helps event planners to protect themselves against flight cancellations.

Article about the PRO SKY Airline Audit

2019-05-08Airline insolvencies: How to protect yourself!

Airline insolvencies: How to protect yourself!

Numerous tour operators, agencies and airports have to contend with the challenge of repeatedly having to organise alternative flights spontaneously. How can a reliable alternative be found quickly after a disruption like this? Marcus Handlos, Head of Airline Relation Management at PRO SKY, explains the best way to proceed when an airline fails.


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Marcus Handlos

Head of
Airline Relation Management

PRO SKY Germany