Group flight tickets: arrive by scheduled flight

we offer scheduled flights combined with professional assistance 

Countless connections, different transfer options and incomprehensible contracts – things quickly get out of hand”, explains Martina Zocher-Torbohm, Head of Airline Tickets for Groups. “You’ll soon be overwhelmed if you don’t have years of experience organizing airline tickets for groups”. It’s therefore no surprise that our customers are increasingly requesting scheduled flights for groups or combination solutions in addition to charter flights”.

From mice groups and consultants to school classes and fan clubs

The majority of our customers are companies, associations and organizations. In addition to event managers, travel managers and coach travel organizers, we have teachers, sports clubs, aid organizations and management consultants who count on our expertise. Want to know what makes our combination of choice, convenience, timing and price so attractive?

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9 reasons to book flight tickets with Pro Sky

1. PERSonal contact

  • A direct contact saves time and gives peace of mind
  • No engaged hotlines, endless queues or constantly changing contacts

2. one-to-one destination advice

  • Information about possible destinations and cost-effective alternatives
  • Detailed information about destinations to match your group and budget
  • We consider the airport’s location, infrastructure and connections
  • Referral to our colleagues if a charter flight would be more cost-effective


  • Flights are sorted based on arrival times rather than a price overview
  • Possibility of two one-way flights instead of a return with the same airline
  • Consideration of special baggage requirements


  • Forward planning for various scenarios + reservation of allotments
  • Passenger management + travel plans in company’s corporate design


  • Flight savings of up to 30 percent
  • Special terms due to close relations with airlines worldwide

6. SMALL deposit with BIG IMPACT

  • A small down payment is almost always enough for group bookings.
  • Free changes to names/group numbers until the day of ticket issue
  • Flexible cancellation terms from selected airlines


  • Clear contract with Pro Sky instead of confusing airline contracts
  • We check terms and conditions, guarantees and cancellation instructions
  • Payment schedules and cancellation requirements in plain English
  • The result: short contracts, no hidden costs, maximum transparency

8. fast help if flight is canceled

  • Option to choose from all available connections if a flight is cancelled
  • No need to depend on the airline’s alternative flight


  • Ideal in the event of strikes, delays, storms or missed feeder flights
  • Depending on package, consultant can be reached within a few minutes
  • Our service includes telephone advice, rebookings or new bookings

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9 reasons to book flight tickets with Pro Sky
9 reasons to book flight tickets with Pro Sky
9 reasons to book flight tickets with Pro Sky

"I am very happy that I have run all flight bookings through Pro Sky. Everything you arranged was perfect! All seats, all connections - I would like to thank you again very, very much for this! It doesn't get any better than this."

Helmut Kaltenpoth,
organized flights for school classes with Pro Sky

"I know that you're not supposed to give 10 points all the time, but I thought the cooperation with you was just perfect. Super competent, friendly and fast."

Daniela Blotenberg,
Owner & event manager at anderswo Eventlocation

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Susanne Drenks

Client Service Manager
Airline Tickets for Groups

PRO SKY Germany


Dragana Hopf

Client Service Manager
Airline Tickets for Groups

PRO SKY Germany


Christiane Möller

Deputy Head of
Airline Tickets for Groups

PRO SKY Germany


Snjezana Reuter

Client Service Manager
Airline Tickets for Groups

PRO SKY Germany


Martina Zocher-Torbohm

Head of
Airline Tickets for Groups

PRO SKY Germany

You can find a list of all contact persons on our team page.

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On our info sheet we explain in simple words why you should not book line tickets for groups yourself. We also explain the difficulties that can arise when booking directly with the airline, how these problems can be avoided and how you can gain additional benefits from our service. 

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