Emergency Standby


Your group flight has been booked, everything is going well and yet you're still concerned about the upcoming trip. This is understandable in times of flexible guest management, strikes, and delays. What do you do when the plane is prevented from take off because of a storm? What happens when a night flight is suddenly canceled? Or a guest missed a feeder flight? With our emergency standby service* you get optimal security.


When emergency standby makes sense:

time is of the essence

Is it vital for you
to arrive on time?

Our emergency standby helps you find quick alternatives for your travel group in unforeseen circumstances. You'll arrive on time even in the event of strikes.

When<br>time is of the essence

things are complicated

Many tasks and contacts to manage simultaneously?

Then make use of our expertise! We give you a personal point of contact. No hotline, no chaos. We will be familiar with your project so can help immediately.

When<br>things are complicated

When things get stressful

Are you under pressure to deliver results?

This makes it more important than ever to find time to stop and take a deep breath. Our emergency standby gives you the assurance of always having an expert at your side.

When things get stressful

This is how we can support you

Standby expert help

When something unexpected happens the response must be rapid. Action needs to be taken immediately whether it concerns an additional guest, a missed flight or an unexpected strike. This requires experienced partners you can rely on. Isn't it a good feeling to be able to call up a professional in such situations? Our consultants know exactly what to do and can respond quickly. So you can sit back and relax knowing that no matter what happens, you're in the best of hands.

The right support

You know best how much support you need. Pro Sky, therefore, offers a choice between two forms of emergency standby. Are a 4-hour window and a response in under 45 minutes sufficient for you? Then our telephone standby service is the right choice. Does support have to be immediate? Then purchase our rapid response standby service. A member of staff is then reserved exclusively for you. The time-frame is up to eight hours and there is no waiting time when you call. No other service is faster.

Comprehensive advice for delays and strikes

If a strike or delay occurs prior to a journey, airports can usually make changes to bookings. But how do you know what the right solution is for you? We, therefore, investigate possible flight connections and advise you in detail about the alternatives. At the airport, you can then request the connection that best suits you.

Fast booking of new flights

Once a journey has begun, airline conditions usually preclude changes to a booking. But this may be necessary due to a canceled connecting flight or a group member simply missing a flight. To get everyone to their destination then requires alternative connections to be quickly found. We perform searches for new connections on your behalf leaving you time to focus on your group. 

Transparent prices

Top service also means transparency. Our price models are therefore easy to follow while giving you price guarantees. No matter how often you use the purchased package, you know the maximum price from the outset so you pay only what you have budgeted for. For trust and security.

This is how we can support you
This is how we can support you

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Martina Zocher-Torbohm

Head of
Airline Tickets for Groups

PRO SKY Germany

*The emergency standby service is available only for group flights booked with Pro Sky. Please register early because this service has restricted availability and requires to be purchased at least four weeks in advance.