The following information contains the specifics required by law regarding provider identification on the website of PRO SKY.


Schanzenstraße 6-20 
51063 Köln

Chief Executive Officer
Armin Truger

Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Carsten Schneider

Tel: +49 221 92044-0
Fax: +49 221 92044-22

Amtsgericht Köln
Registration Number: HRB 73432

VAT Identification Number in Accordance with Section 27a of the German VAT Act
DE 177783336

Owing to the technical features of the Internet, PRO SKY AG can assume no responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the information contained in this website.

Warning Regarding External Cross References (Links)
As a provider, PRO SKY AG is responsible for its own content which it makes available on the Internet for use. A distinction must be made between this own content and cross references (“links”) to content made available by other providers. PRO SKY AG is only responsible for this external content if it has positive knowledge of illegal and/or punishable content provided by other organisations.

In establishing the initial link, PRO SKY AG will have checked the external content for possible civil or criminal responsibility. PRO SKY AG is, however, not obliged to constantly check the contents referred to on its website for changes which might re-establish the responsibility. Only if PRO SKY AG establishes or is informed by third parties that a specific content that is linked to by its website incurs responsibility under civil or criminal law, will PRO SKY AG eliminate the link to this content to the extent that this is technically feasible and reasonable.

Electronic Mail (E-mail)
There are risks associated with data transfer via the Internet: if you send information to PRO SKY AG by electronic mail (e-mail) unencrypted, there is the risk that this might be read, stored and used in a way it was not intended to be used by third parties. Therefore, you should not send any confidential information without using a scrambler.