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Surprise your passengers above the clouds with a personal welcome and sophisticated brand messages.

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Would you like to offer your guests an unforgettable experience? Then impress them with your attention to detail as soon as they step on board. Put together your preferred package with help from our Airport & In-flight Service experts and surprise your passengers above the clouds with a personal welcome and sophisticated brand messages with our branding options.


From striking headrest covers, branding with coffee and on-board menus, to full aircraft branding as probably the most sophisticated form of advertising – the branding opportunities in the aircraft are as diverse as they are varied. Whether you opt for traditional logos and slogans in your design, consider new approaches incorporating photos of your destination, team photos and travel information, or a combination of both – let us help you transform your individual ideas into a reality.

1. Individual headrest cover

Does the appearance of your logo a hundred times in an aircraft sound like a great idea? Then individual headrest covers are guaranteed to be the perfect product for your company. This creates a unique impact for larger groups in particular when entering the aircraft. But you will also convey a feeling of luxury to smaller groups in this way.

2. Branded napkins

Would you like to use all phases of the flight for your brand communication? Then order our printed napkins. Napkins handed out with food and drinks convey your attention to detail and underline the individual character of the trip. Are you visiting another country? What about a list of keywords and phrases in addition to your logo?

3. Exclusive cups

Can cups be branded as well? Of course they can. Regardless of whether your guests enjoy tea or coffee on board – your logo will be ever-present and directly connects the positive experiences during the flight to your brand. And the wonderful thing is that the entire surface of the cups can be printed, offering space for event information or photos of your destination, planned activities and team photos.

“We can implement even the most challenging customisation requests. For example, we were able to arrange for small bottles of high-quality olive oil to be placed on seats as a surprise for a customer’s guests as they boarded.” Putri Elisa Hariyanti-Delil, Service Managerin Airport & Inflight at Pro Sky

4. Branded snack bags

Our customised printed snack bags – for many the icing on the cake when it comes to a branded flight experience. These high-quality paper bags offer so much space for your message. While many customers use this space to display their logo, many also opt for a special welcome message. Whatever you wish for – the sky is the limit.

5. Exclusive aircraft branding*

Have you ever considered branding an entire aircraft for your guests? You can use special films to transform a conventional aircraft into your very own personal jet. The result is a personalised exterior design for the ultimate in tailored brand communication! Whether you opt for complete or partial branding: a special paint finish with your logo and your slogan is an attention-grabbing form of advertising that is guaranteed to stay in your guests’ memories. Ultimately this is due to the size of the advertising space. An Airbus A 320 measuring 38 metres in length provides space for brand messages that can be recognised from afar. Do you want to stand out? Then opt for aircraft branding which adorns the complete fuselage and is truly eye-catching with large-scale photos, memorable graphics and intense colour combinations.

* Availability depends on the airline, airport and type of flight


Which combination of services works best for your event? Which form of presentation is ideal for your brand? Our Airport & Inflight Services experts will be pleased to advise you personally and put together a package tailored to your specific needs. You would like to gain greater insights beforehand? Then download our info sheets including initial price estimations.

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