Discover Munich for your corporate events

Between the city, the lake and the mountains, the capital of Bavaria is full of places to welcome your corporate event guests and will be a source of inspiration for your group activities.

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Munich Skyline With Marienplatz Town Hall In Germany

By choosing Munich, your guests can learn how to brew their own beer, take part in a ‘Weißwurst’ workshop or discover the customs and traditions of the Bavarian region on a guided tour of the city. Read our article and discover what Munich has to offer for your next group trip.

What to do in Munich during your corporate event?

Traditional, adventurous, trendy

If you’re organising a corporate event between September and October, you can’t miss Oktoberfest, Bavaria’s famous beer festival. This impressive folk festival is over 210 years old and brings together all generations and nationalities! For a month, from the penultimate weekend in September to the first in October, the whole city comes alive. More than 6 million visitors from all over the world come to Munich to gather under the tents of the region’s biggest breweries: Löwenbräu, Augustiner Bräu, Schottenhamel, Paulaner and many more! Dirndl, lederhosen, musicians and singers (“Ein Prosit” every 30 minutes), long wooden tables, a funfair and more. All of this and more awaits you in Munich at the end of September.
Don’t hesitate to come with your participants! And if you book well in advance (at least 6 months), you can even reserve a table in one of these tents to experience the heart of Bavarian culture.

Munich is the epicentre of beer culture in Germany, but would you like to organise a group trip to another European city renowned for the same passion? Check out our article on Europe’s 4 Best Beer Cities.

Typical Souvenir A the Oktoberfest In Munich A Gingerbread

Munich has so much more to offer than great beer festivals. The Bavarian capital has long since become an economic metropolis and is also known for its modern infrastructure, museums and internationally renowned companies in the automotive, technology, consulting sectors to name a few. This is a city where progress and tradition come together. Munich is a cosmopolitan and charming city, perfect for incentives, team building and conferences.

Visit Munich and discover Bavaria

If you don’t have time to explore all of Bavaria, Munich is the perfect place to discover its culture in just a few hours. The city offers a wide range of activities typical of the region. Bavarian culture is alive and well in Munich and groups can take part in traditions such as a brewing course with master brewer Sepp or a Weißwurst (literary white sausage) workshop with refreshments. Particularly popular are gingerbread heart (Lebkuchenherzen) decorating workshops and excursions into the surrounding area. Munich’s friendliness will win your heart: you’ll soon feel at home and will undoubtedly want to come back.

Five Friends Having Fun On Bavarian River With Beer Glasses

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The perfect match of nature and city life

If your aim is to build team spirit, you can choose between a convivial afternoon, an exhilarating adventure and an adrenaline rush in a unique atmosphere. For example, you could take a tour of the city (often free) followed by a beer tasting at a brewery in the city centre. If you’re looking for a more group-oriented challenge, you could try building rafts as a team and organising a regatta. You can also abseil from the roof of Munich’s Olympic stadium for a panoramic view of the city.

Munich, a city of well-being

Thanks to the city’s layout and location, it’s also easy to relax and enjoy the surroundings. After a long conference, you might want to take a leisurely stroll along the Isar River, visit the castles in the surrounding countryside or enjoy a fine meal in the Michelin-starred restaurant at BMW Welt. Bavaria also has excellent rail links. So if you’d like to take your guests on a day trip to other places, such as Neuschwanstein Castle, you can. You might also be interested in a very special train that will give your teams an exceptional experience: the Luxon Private Train, with its fully transparent carriages offering a 360° view throughout the journey.

Summer Germany Morning In The Bavarian Mountains Castle Neuschwanstein

All you need to know about Munich at a glance

8 recommended activities

  1. Brewing course with master brewer Sepp (unlimited beer!)
  2. Weißwurst seminar with refreshments
  3. Guided tour of the city (free and lasts about two hours)
  4. Craft beer tasting
  5. Gingerbread heart decorating and icing
  6. Raft building, including a regatta or raft trip on the Isar River
  7. Visit a nearby castle (e.g. Neuschwanstein)
  8. Climb to the top of the Olympic Stadium, including abseiling or zip-lining

4 places not to be missed

  1. Luxon private train with panoramic views (25 people)
  2. Oberambach Castle (80 people)
  3. Hirschalm (190 p.) at Hotel Infinity Munich (2750 people)
  4. Löwenbräukeller (2250 people)
Sunset In Munich Olympiapark

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