The first non-stop flight from Cologne to Swedish Lapland

The first non-stop flight from Cologne to Swedish Lapland, Arvidsjaur.

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Airport for Swedish Lapland PRO SKY flights

It’s the first connection of its kind from the North Rhine Westphalia region of central Germany: Pro Sky launched its non-stop flights from Cologne to Swedish Lapland on 17 January – and organised a “deer” little surprise for the passengers. “We are offering all-new opportunities with our new Cologne-Arvidsjaur connection. There were no non-stop or direct flights to here before,” explains Key Account Manager Michael Rölle. “That was a good enough reason for us to prepare a very special welcome for our passengers.”

A surprise at check-in: passengers on the first flight from Cologne to Arvidsjaur are treated to chocolate from our reindeer at the counter.

Airport for Swedish Lapland PRO SKY flights_passengers getting snacks

A “deer” little surprise for the passengers

The first surprise was waiting for the passengers at check-in at Cologne/Bonn Airport. A Pro Sky employee welcomed them at the counter wearing a reindeer costume and handed out traditional Swedish chocolate. “Everyone immediately wanted to take photos with our reindeer: they loved it,” says Putri Elisa Hariyanti-Delil, Service Manager Airport & Inflight. “We knew then that the passengers would be absolutely amazed when they discovered our real surprise on landing.” Although everyone was looking forward to discovering Europe’s last wilderness region, none of the passengers had the slightest idea how close they would get to it at the airport.

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A reindeer surprise on the airfield

When the plane landed shortly after twelve at Arvidsjaur Airport, the passengers on board could not believe their eyes. “Are those real reindeer on the airfield?” asked one excited passenger. The stairs outside were the last point at which all the passengers realised that there were reindeer waiting for them on the airfield – a surprise organised by Pro Sky and Arvidsjaur Airport. But that wasn’t all. Before they left the snowy airfield for the warmth of the building, everyone was allowed to take photos with the reindeer, stroke the majestic animals and see them up close. “It was an unforgettable experience and an amazing start to our journey,” commented a thrilled passenger.

“Are those real reindeer on the airfield?” Passengers were greeted by three reindeer at Arvidsjaur Airport.

Airport in Swedish Lapland PRO SKY flights_deers

Cologne-Arvidsjaur: Europe’s last wilderness in under three hours

There will be a flight from Cologne to Arvidsjaur every Friday until mid-March. “Cologne is well connected, easy to get to, and that makes it an exciting prospect for travellers from Holland, too. We are now offering all-new opportunities with our new Cologne-Arvidsjaur connection in cooperation with Eurowings.” Passengers save time and extra journeys with a non-stop connection. The flight from Cologne to Arvidsjaur only takes around three hours. “The reception has been great. Tour operators are pleased to have another location, and it’s made journeys shorter for many people. We already know that the connection will be a success.”

Cologne/Bonn Airport is delighted about the new connection. “We are really looking forward to have this very special destination on our timetable. It connects Cologne/Bonn to one of the last wilderness regions in Europe. Fans of Scandinavia now have the option of a truly exotic destination in Arvidsjaur. We think it’s great when our passengers can choose to go to new and unusual destinations from Cologne/Bonn, as well as the old favourites.” Johan Vanneste, Managing Director of Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH

Shuttle flights from SIX European cities

The expert in group and VIP flights offers selected shuttle flights for anyone who can’t fly directly from Cologne or Stuttgart. They are available from six European cities: Berlin Tegel, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Bremen, Zurich and Vienna. “We make sure that our charter flight times match the arrival times of the shuttles so that our guests arrive in the morning,” explains Michael Rölle. “There are no long waiting times but enough wriggle room for any potential delays – that’s the premise of a shuttle flight.” Within Germany, once they’ve checked in, passengers can relax and transfer without having to worry about their luggage or another check-in. “This service is very popular and is especially attractive to groups.”

There will be a flight from Cologne to Arvidsjaur every Friday until mid-March.

Airport for Swedish Lapland PRO SKY flights_eurowings aircraft

Incomparable natural spectacles and all kinds of action

What makes the destination so attractive? Europe’s last wilderness provides unforgettable memories on the ice. From aurora hunting to reindeer safaris, Swedish Lapland is a real wonderland, thanks to its unusual activities and fascinating natural spectacles. Plus, if you’re looking for action, you’ve come to the right place. There’s plenty to do here to get your adrenaline pumping, from Dynamic Driving Experiences in cars on the ice, ice swimming in special protective suits to high-speed snow mobile rides. And the real highlight? Dog sledding, where guests first get to know the Huskies and then take up the reins themselves. You can’t get more Swedish Lapland than this!

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