Looking after you every step of the way.

For many people, the airport is a great place to get lost. However, when you want to be found, your personal flight manager is there to help.

Your Pro Sky Flight Manager is our personal guarantee that your journey will run smoothly. Present at the airport three hours before departure, your trained Pro Sky will look after your every need, be it a chartered or scheduled flight. We understand just how important quality management is on your day of departure, so we make sure each of our flight managers has the aviation and event experience you need to make sure everything goes according to plan.

But our Pro Sky Flight Managers are not alone. Behind each is a team of specialists, working on your behalf from our offices. For example, did you know that Pro Sky is linked into the central European system for flight coordination (Eurocontrol)? This means we can pinpoint exactly where your aircraft is at any time and identify any delays before they occur, transferring these details directly to the Flight Manager on site.



How your flight manager can help?

  • Operational Guarantee: ensure all flight planning is on track.
  • On-site Supervision: confirm that add-on services are ready for guests.
  • Passengers Management: manage last minute changes to passenger list with the handling agents.

Your flight manager is your personal contact at the airport and on-board. If you or your guests have any questions whatsoever, your flight manager will answer them. Your Pro Sky Flight Manager can even co-ordinate arrangements at your destination, if needed for events lasting several days or longer. 

For further information on how your flight manager can help, email



"The most important thing for us was that in each stage of preparing this trip with Pro Sky we had a really good communication. We knew in each moment what is going on. Having the Flight Manager with us all the time gives you security. If some problems occur, then that person knows whom they have to call."

Project Manager at BAN Tour,

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