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What Pro Sky brings to a Fam Trip

What are the benefits of Fam Trips?

Professional MICE planners today have to excel in two disciplines: They have to offer events in trendy destinations and at the same time present classic MICE destinations in a new light. This requires a well-developed network and, in the best case, local experience. How can event managers do all this, stand out from the competition and score points with clients with detailed information? The solution is: Fam Trips.

A professional Fam Trip offers you the following benefits

  • You can broaden your portfolio
  • You get a quick overview
  • Experience the destination from the client’s point of view
  • Score points with authentic testimonials
  • Benefit from valuable contacts with local partners
  • Win partners through successful networking
  • Impress with better presentations (photos & videos)

Our last Fam Trip

PRO SKY invites 8 MICE agencies to Sicily
with Rocco Forte & ANVIDEAS

Fam Trip Sicily group pic of all MICE participants and PRO SKY

What questions does a good Fam Trip answer?

Well informed and connected

It is important to us at Pro Sky that no questions remain unanswered at the end of a Fam Trip. That is why we not only cooperate with experienced and renowned partners (hotels and DMCs) and carefully select the MICE planners, but also prepare the knowledge trip together so that they receive information on all relevant topics.

For us, a good Fam Trip should therefore answer the following questions:

  1. For which target group is the destination predestined?
  2. How do I find out in good time which destinations are in vogue?
  3. How can I also present classic MICE destinations in a new way?
  4. For which of my customers is the destination suitable?
  5. What are the best arguments for the destination?
  6. Is the destination better for incentives or for conferences?
  7. Does a charter flight or a scheduled flight make sense?
  8. What brand communication opportunities do I have?
  9. How much time do I have between programme items?
  10. What fitness level should the participants have?
  11. Which activities are suitable for large groups, which for small groups?
  12. Which activities stand out from the rest?
  13. Who can I cooperate with on site?
  14. Are there any language barriers?
  15. How will the cooperation work?
  16. What are my competitors planning?
  17. How can I cooperate with other Fam Trip participants?
  18. How would I like to cooperate with the organisers of the Fam Trip?
  19. What facts are important for the presentation of the destination?
  20. Which visual impressions and sources can I use?
  21. Which (own) photos do I want to use?

And should any questions arise after the Fam Trip? Then we can be contacted at any time and support you in organising additional material. In this way, a Fam Trip often results in long-term, close business relationships that are characterised by regular exchange.

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