Fam Trip to Greece, MICE Agencies in the Mediterranean with Pro Sky

For five days, from March 22 to 26, Pro Sky had the pleasure and privilege of welcoming 8 MICE agencies to the land of Ulysses and Athena... Welcome to Greece! Surrounded by an authentic architecture, typical dishes, but also magnificent landscapes between vineyards, caves and the sea, all bathed by a sun and spring temperatures in the middle of March, our MICE guests were able to discover all the secrets of this colourful and flavourful country. You too can travel through these mythological lands and join us on our next familiarization trip!

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Fam Trip

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Fam Trip Greece group photo in front of Acropolis

MICE Agencies discover the beauty of Greece

For this very first Fam Trip to Greece, our operational team Pro Sky, responsible for scheduled flights, organized a group flight for 8 MICE companies from all over Germany to Greece.


First stop

Thessaloniki, in the north of the country

Among palm beaches, marinas, stone churches, flower gardens and vineyards, our participants enjoyed the various activities planned by the organizing agency Tourism Affaire.

Second stop

Athens, the impressive capital

Here, visits to historical sites, the Acropolis and tastings of traditional dishes punctuated the already full days with visits to prestigious restaurants and hotels: perfect places for MICE agencies to welcome their clients in all seasons.

During these 5 days, we had the opportunity to visit the most important and beautiful sites of the cities through activities such as a treasure hunt, a bike tour, a visit to vineyards and old mines. As a historical stop, our MICE agencies also had the pleasure of visiting the glorious Acropolis of Athens and discovering all its history and secrets!
Hotels and restaurants were not left out and we discovered some gems to consider for incentives: rooftop or marina restaurants, palace-like hotels with sea views… our guests were able to experience all that Greece has to offer for their clients’ future group trips.

Fam Trip Greece group photo in front of Acropolis

Fam Trip to Greece with Pro Sky as travel partner

During these few days, far from the daily routine in Germany, our 8 MICE customers not only enjoyed and discovered two destinations, but also discovered Pro Sky’s innovations in the field of group flights. As host and provider of the familiarization trip, Dietmar Herre, our Airport & Inflight Manager, presented Pro Sky and our App for searching and booking group flight tickets.

It is always a great opportunity for MICE agencies to participate in our Fam Trip: they can experience our group flight booking process and services first hand. There is no better way to get feedback than through your own experience! If you are interested in participating in one of our Fam Trips, contact us to find out more!

In addition, some participants have already experienced our Pro Sky solution and were able to share their feedback with other participants.

A big thank you to our customers for attending, to our partner from Tourism Affairs and to the local DMCs. It was a fantastic trip with enriching moments based on networking, sharing experiences, and looking forward to our next group flights. We are looking forward to the next Fam Trip!

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