PRO SKY: New look, same expertise

The year 2023 has been a milestone one for PRO SKY! In Spring, we brought together our online flight search platform (Find & Fly) and our core Brand (Pro Sky) under a new and fresh shared new visual identity. Welcome to the new PRO SKY brand.

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In May 2023 we revealed our new brand to PRO SKY staff members. Colleagues. s from our offices in Cologne, Paris, Zurich, and Sao Paulo convened in Germany to mark the occasion! From now we not only look better but are even better geared to deliver against our customers’ needs. Read our article to find out more about the changes to our brand and this very special day!


A new visual identity for the PRO SKY brand

After more than a decade of loyal service, our white hummingbird in its blue box is taking flight for a more modern and liberated look.

Our inspiration comes from this hummingbird

In addition to its radiance and colourfulness, the hummingbird is also a skilled flight expert and agile worker, just as we aspire to be for our customers.

Colibri PRO SKY brand
New and old PRO SKY logo

Before vs After: Our new logo

Next to the logo and brighter visual identity we also challenged ourselves on our promise, to always deliver the best possible solutions to our customers. Hence our new claim “Just Miles Ahead” is a promise at the same time – to go the extra mile to develop tailor-made solutions always along the unique requirements of our clients and guests.

PRO SKY website

A Brand New Look & Feel: Our website

Come and visit our website to discover the new Look & Feel at PRO SKY. We have taken the opportunity to improve our digital solutions and features in our flight search to provide flight solutions and price indications to our customers whenever they need them – available on the PRO SKY website 24/7. With a search bar on every page, it’s even easier for customers to find flights for their corporate or client events!

Have you heard?: A new feature on our site…

has just made finding group flights even easier. The multi-departure flight search! Discover all its advantages and benefits!

PRO SKY, rooted in strong values

It is our vision to be a pioneering contributor to the group flight ecosystem. In this challenging market environment, our values guide us and make a difference. Today, more than ever, we are proud to say that:

  1. We are one team
  2. We strive to grow
  3. We are accountable
  4. We innovate
  5. We focus on our customers

Our Brand Relaunch was an opportunity to sharpen these values and bring them to life in the organisation.

Pro Sky Team - we are one team

We are one team: “We are one colourful team”

Just like the hummingbird with over 300 different highly specialised sub-species, we cherish our international and diverse backgrounds.

Pro Sky Team - we strive to grow

We strive to grow: “We create the humming”

Just like the Hummingbird, whose rapid wing flap creates a humming sound, we move fast to learn and create growth.

Pro Sky Team - we are accountable

We are accountable: “We are a responsible part of our ecosystem”

Just like the Hummingbird plays a unique role in its ecosystem, we take our role seriously as an accountable partner in group air travel.

We Innovate

We innovate: “We invent new ways to fly”

Just like the Hummingbird, who during its evolution learnt to hover over flowers to derive nectar, we constantly adjust to our environment to create new value.

Pro Sky Team - we focus on our customers

We focus on our customers: “We give wings to our customers”

Just like the Hummingbird, whose manoeuvrability and flight skills make it an outstanding performer, with our expertise and flexibility, we create ideal solutions for our customers.

Living our values: We organised a surprise for all our colleagues…

On Wednesday, 3rd of May, once all our colleagues had gathered at our headquarters in Cologne, we unveiled our new visual identity and claim, and all colleagues then gathered in workshops to bring the brand promise and our values to life for themselves and their role in the team. The workshops were a great success: as a global team made up of members from different departments, each member reflected on our core values. Creativity was the magic word of the day! Each team presented our values in the way that inspired them most: by creating a collage, a puzzle, a story, a song or a video… We discovered some real talent in the team!

A colourful, fun and interactive day was closed in typical PRO SKY fashion: celebrating, with a shared buffet dinner on our terrace in the sun… Great team memories!

Our video

And what changes for our customers? We look new but of course, we provide the same flight expertise, the same project assistance and we are the same fulfiller of your wishes.

Just Miles Ahead

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