Trend destination Faroe Islands: Of cliff jumping and puffins

The trend destination for MICE Events: Faroe Islands. An untamed and unfiltered MICE destination, perfect for connecting with nature.

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Faroe Islands

Experience rather than just see. Discover instead of just visit. If you want to experience a destination in its purest form, the Faroe Islands are the place to be. It is a place of extremes. A place that celebrates wilderness. And invites you to let go. By bird watching or, more literally, by jumping of a cliff.

Rugged. Powerful. Majestic.

The excitement rises, and the surroundings become blurred. Suddenly there’s just you and the sea. And then you jump. Into freezing water. And will never have felt more free. This is an experience you can have on the Faroe Islands when you dare to throw yourself from the cliffs in a wetsuit. This event is not just for adrenaline junkies, but also for any group wanting to confront fears together and enjoy an adventure. “Everything in your body says no, but somehow you make yourself jump. Once you’ve done it, the feeling is amazing,” is how Outdoor Faroe Islands describes its Cliff Jumping tours. “Of course only you will decide from what height you jump.”

Unspoilt. Unexplored. Unbelievable.

In 2012, the Faroe Islands had as many tourists as the South Pole. And that’s exactly the essence of this archipelago that describes itself as the “un-destination”: “unspoiled, unexplored, unbelievable”. The people are uncomplicated, the landscapes untamed, the experiences unfiltered. Even the prime minister’s telephone number can be found in phone book and there are only three traffic lights. You won’t just discover a destination here. You will discover a new world.

Faroe Islands

More sheep than people

Although the Faroe Islands are small, they seem endless. Any point on the islands is no more than five kilometres from the sea but you may not meet another person for hours. How come? The archipelago between Iceland and Norway has only 50,000 inhabitants. What’s fascinating is that by contrast there are 70,000 sheep, which are also used to ‘mow’ the popular grass roofs. No surprise then that Faroe Islands actually means sheep islands.

Grass roof outside, luxury inside

If you want to hold your conference in a building with such a grass roof, you have two options: the Nordic House or the Hilton Garden Inn, which this summer will be the first international hotel chain to open on the Faroe Islands. Smaller but no less luxurious is the Havgrím Seaside Hotel with spectacular panoramic sea views.

Faroe Islands

Picnics with puffins

“The Faroe Islands are like a magnet for birds flying across the Atlantic,” reports Visit Faroer Islands. There are around 110 different bird species on the 18 islands. Perhaps the most popular among them is the puffin. These cute looking birds can usually be watched at close range on the island of Mykines. This is a spectacular encounter, perfect to combine with a picnic on cliffs that soar up to several hundred metres high.

Dinner with Faroese farmers

For many groups, a highlight on the Faroe Islands is to end the trip with a dinner in a family atmosphere. This means being invited to a family farm and getting the feeling of truly having arrived in this strange world. This proves that the Faroe Islands are not about loneliness but letting go. Enjoy genuine cuisine and listen to traditional songs at the kitchen table. An unforgettable experience.

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