"On the rocks": Pro Sky knows what musicians want

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Musicians on tour – Picture: Pro Sky

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Sold out concerts, expectant fans and a new city every day: an extraordinary situation for musicians and their sometimes huge crews. With so much hustle and bustle, flights can quickly turn into a tiresome routine. Not the case when Pro Sky takes charge of travel planning. In Brazil, our flight professionals are currently showing how excellent service isn't just possible on private jets. Result: A hundred passengers who given the chance would never have left the plane.

Just take tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt and pepper - your Bloody Mary is served. No problem for a trained barman, but on board a plane? Not so straightforward when the crew doesn't normally serve cocktails. Pro Sky set itself this rather unfamiliar challenge along with its airline partners GOL and TAM. This involved accompanying the band of an international top star, together with the full crew, on their concert tour of Brazil. Around 100 passengers in total who immediately had two flights on the agenda: Vitória to Rio de Janeiro and from Brasilia to São Paulo.

Special catering – Picture: Pro Sky

Just 40 minutes flying time: On-board service completely transformed

Pro Sky left nothing to chance when it came to its passengers' welfare. All services procedures were adapted, ice-cold drinks and delicious snacks were ready. And all this even though, for example, the flight from Vitória to Rio takes just 40 minutes. An exceptional service which the passengers really appreciated. Pro Sky also scored points for quality: After the first service, the band and crew ordered the next round in straight away - taste test passed with flying colours!