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A peek behind the scenes at PRO SKY and how Airport and Inflight services are managed. Meet Holger Sander!

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At PRO SKY we like to show our customers, current and future colleagues that we are here for them and that everyone is unique. Today we’d like to introduce you to Holger Sander, our Head of Airport & Inflight Services (also known as Flight Customisation), who has been part of the PRO SKY adventure for over 15 years. We recently sat down with Holger to discuss his experiences working in PRO SKY, a very special recent client project, as well as his own personal recommendations for the ultimate group flight experience.

Holger could you describe your role in PRO SKY?

I am the head of Airport and Inflight services. In my team, we arrange all services around and on our flights. These are services with nice branding options at the airports or on board as well as nice catering, special drinks during the flight or a gate buffet before departure. We can also organise off-airport check-in and baggage transportation.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about your job?

The best part of my job is dealing with different clients and projects on the one hand and having great exchanges with airports, handling agents and airlines, on the other. I like to make “magic” things happen for our clients and their flights; most services and customisations that they want and find difficult to handle on their own are possible with us!

What was your most extraordinary customer project in the last few weeks/months?

A few months ago, we had a great customer project: a round-the-world tour with flights over 3 weeks with extremely cool brandings on board and on the aircraft. Our customer wanted to offer a great luxury travel experience to its VIP clients by chartering an entire plane. And this was our “playground” let’s say! We were able to brand the plane’s tail and fuselage, engraved champagne glasses and embroidered tablecloths and towels.

And now for some more inspiration/tips, what is your dream destination?

I really like small airports all over the world where airport runways are short, and the staff members are flexible in arranging special flight solutions. Do you know Vitoria (VIT) in Spain? Great example! This airport is very small, and we wanted to bring guests for one of our customer’s events. But at that time, they had only cargo flights during the nights for a big parcel service provider based in Vitoria, 2 Iberia flights on a regular daily basis and a twice-weekly Ryanair flight. For our customer project, we came with 2 flights per day with 180 passengers – what a change for them! – On top of that, they gave us ramp access in the security area and the parcel service provider was also helpful for the baggage logistics as they had nothing to do during the daytime [laughs].

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