Pro Sky is now an official member of the NBAA

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News: Pro Sky is now an official member of the NBAA

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At Pro Sky we are celebrating a solid partnership: We are now a member of the renowned National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). The leading business aviation has a global presence. For this reason, Pro Sky is setting an important marker of the company’s international orientation.

When it comes to business aviation from an international perspective, the NBAA is always involved in some respect. With over 10,000 members, the organisation is the largest and most influential interest group in business aviation. It actively addresses politically relevant topics and is the mouthpiece for an entire industry.
'Pro Sky does a lot of work for big companies and carries out business flights all around the world. In these projects, our customers benefit from a worldwide network made accessible by the NBAA,' emphasises Fabrice Koeb, Managing Director of Pro Sky Switzerland, responsible for the Private Jets segment within the Pro Sky group.