Pilatus PC-24: landing on the shortest runways

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A factory tour at a secluded company site. Luckily there’s a small airport nearby. There’s just one problem though: It’s exactly where the landing strip for a jet is too short or too bumpy. In such situations, the Pilatus PC-24 could offer a convenient solution. We’ll show you the benefits of this Swiss power package.

Taking off and landing wherever you like is a significant advantage of private jets. For example, when trips to company sites in small towns are on the agenda. Then you can land at the closest regional airport rather than larger airports located further away – providing it has an adequate landing strip.

Small airports: comfort or good accessibility

That is exactly where demanding business travellers sometimes find themselves caught between the two stools of desire and feasibility. That’s to say that comfortable jets need runways with a minimum length and a flat surface. If they don’t have that, as is the case with grass strips, the traveller generally has switch to a turboprop aircraft and as a result accept more limited ranges and reduced comfort. Maybe we should add the phrase “up until now” to this sentence. That’s because we were able to gain a first-hand impression of the Pilatus PC-24, an almost revolutionary jet concept, at the EBACE.

Real comfort in bigger-than-average cabins

The manufacturer describes the type of aircraft as a super versatile jet. A new creation that underlines the opposites that are brought together in this aircraft. Jet meets turboprop, comfort meets performance. The PC-24 can take off and land on grass strips, even if the rest of the airport’s infrastructure is adapted to jets. The benefits:


  • Ready to take off after just 820 metres (compared to 1,200 metres with the Citation CJ-1)
  • A 7.01 metre long cabin with a great deal of leg room for up to six passengers (compared to 5.28 metres in the Citation CJ-4)


But unfortunately you’re going to have to be patient until the first flight in the Pilatus PC-24. The aircraft has just completed its maiden flight with flying colours and is currently undergoing an extensive test programme. Of course one or two details may change in the run up to the final certification, but the first deliveries are planned for 2017.

Would you already like to fly directly to your company site? Then ask us for the options. We are happy to explain to you which aircraft can be used.

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Dietmar Herre

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