ISTAA rewards Pro Sky for its Corporate Citizenship activities in 2016

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News: ISTAA rewards Pro Sky for its Corporate Citizenship activities in 2016

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The ISTAA Awards for Excellence are established as a well-deserved recognition for the outstanding commitment of its members. The reward is dedicated to companies, which stimulate their employees’ talents and creativity, to create innovative, world-changing ideas.

The International Sport Travel Agency Association (ISTAA) gathers companies specialised into sport travel. Its main purpose is to share knowledge about the industry and especially mega sport events such as the upcoming World Cup 2018 in Russia. Every year, ISTAA members meet during an Annual General Meeting in conjunction with an annual conference at the location of one of the members. This year, the ISTAA congress was hosted in Berlin and for the first time in its history, the association rewarded its members for their achievements in 2016 in regards of different topics.

In order to highlight all the great job its partner streetfootballworld and Rheinflanke are doing everyday, but also to point out the great involvment of its employees, Pro Sky decided to take part into the competition for the best ISTAA member in regards of social activities...and we won! Throwback to our Corporate Citizenship activities in 2016.  

Corporate Social Responsibilities: We are all in this together

Within our corporate citizenship concept, Pro Sky decided to become an official supporter of the organization streetfootballworld and the event “Festival 16”. The idea of partnering with streetfootballworld for the Festival 16 was to contribute to a social and sporting event, by providing air travel solutions for each representatives of the delegations who travelled one week in advance of their team to participate in educational workshops. The project was run in parallel to the daily operations and wasn’t considered as an ordinary business activity, but as a chance to become part of a unique community, which dedicates its inspiration and passion for social good. Additionally, the main benefit of joining this international event, was to learn from the personal encounters with the participants and to gain deeper insights into cultural aspects from all over the world.

“Due to the involvement of Pro Sky in bringing international meetings and events to life we know that huge value is created by people meeting face to face. And we saw the opportunity for aviation to help in what it is best at: crossing frontiers, enabling people to come together and to achieve beautiful things.”
- Armin Truger, CEO -


Plan into Action: What does it mean concretely?

Young Leaders taking a selfie before flying to Lyon, France // Picture: Pro Sky


No group is like the other: Despite Pro Sky’s experience in group flights, this project has created an opportunity for our team to gain new perspectives when organising air travels: 86 representatives of delegations from all over the world, put their trust in us. It was the first ever travelling experience for most of the young leaders, which made this specific project a very personal one.

“When organizing the flights I was more concerned about the safety and comfort of the young leaders, which made me think like a mother, who is worried about her children’s first flight.”
- Martina Torbohm, Head of Airline Tickets for Groups - 

Lost in translation: Arriving at foreign airports in unexplored cities might be confusing – especially when it is the first travelling experience. Pro Sky supported the young leaders at each and every step of their travel, with detailed and personalized itineraries, as well as constant phone connection in case of unforeseen difficulties.

“Pro Sky’s involvement in streetfootballworld Festival 16 was crucial to our success. Pro Sky truly broadened the horizons of our young leaders right from the very start—for many of them, this was their first flight, their first journey out of their communities, their first experience in a global community of their peers. Through their participation, they found support, encouragement, and friendship, and built memories that will touch their lives and their communities for years to come. We are proud of our work with Pro Sky and would definitely collaborate with them again in the future.”
- Dr. Vladimir Borkovic, COO streetfootballworld –


Positive impact: Decrease complexity and travel costs

These are only a few numbers, which visualize the complexity of the project. Due to the numerous departure airports, Pro Sky did all the necessary research to optimize the travel plan for all passengers. As an example, in case of two young leaders meeting at a specific airport, they have been brought together to continue their journey as a team. If needed, Pro Sky also booked train tickets for the ones arriving in Paris, to continue their journey towards Lyon. To facilitate the communication between streetfootballworld and Pro Sky, our team has been operating outside the working hours as well, to guaranty the booking of the most cost efficient and comfortable flights.

“Gathering 86 young leaders from disadvantaged communities around the world in Lyon, France, for a celebration of the power of football to change the world is no small feat, and one that was beyond our own capacities. Our colleagues at Pro Sky worked tirelessly to help bring our young leaders to a life-changing experience in Lyon: they dealt quickly with every challenge and were a pleasure to work with every day. Without their dedication, flexibility and expertise we would not have been able to touch the lives of so many young people.”
- George Springborg, Festival 16 Manager –


Pro Sky’s expertise in finding the right airline while working pro-bono on this project allowed 86 young leaders from all over the world to reduce their travel costs without minimizing the passengers’ comfort, but that is not all: The Pro Sky headquarter based in Cologne took this social project to heart and wanted to act locally as well. The German office decided to fully sponsor Rheinflanke, a non-profit organisation from Cologne, in order to take part of the Festival 16 in Lyon. The positive impact of the activity didn’t only go on one direction: Our first meeting with the kids from Rheinflanke affected our team instantly, from which several colleagues decided to get personally involved with the non-profit organisation in their spare time.

“Pro Sky sponsored the flights, an overnight stay in Düsseldorf and the jerseys for the festival. […]Regardless of all the open questions I had before the festival, I now look back on an intense week of lasting impressions, inspirational people and a lot of sunshine. – I look back on the festival 16, which has connected people from various cultures just through their love for football, music and their curiosity.”
- Arne Dreyer, head of Marketing at Rheinflanke -