Aviation strikes in Argentina: how did Pro Sky find a solution for 40 VIP passengers?

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Organising a group trip overseas can sometimes bring with it some unwelcome surprises. Numerous elements can get out of control, and unfortunately air transport is not immune to this. A few days before Christmas, our Pro Sky teams received an urgent call from a client who had booked their tickets directly from an Argentinian airline. The only problem: all the aircraft were grounded due to a general strike at the last minute.

There can be many reasons for strikes, but they all have one thing in common: distress and uncertainty among passengers. At stake: forty passengers hoping to reach Ushuaia from Buenos Aires during the day to start their luxury cruise. This is where Pro Sky came in. 

Comprehensiveness of aviation services and international expertise: our solutions for facing airline strikes.

Thanks to their experience in the aviation world, the Pro Sky teams first of all put in place an emergency “aviation strikes” plan to find the best-adapted solution as quickly as possible. In this kind of situation, chartering an aircraft with around fifty seats would have been ideal. It is also necessary for there to be availability among South American companies, especially at very short notice.... Unfortunately, none of these two conditions were met. Chartering a larger plane would have cost too much money. What about chartering several private jets? An extravagant idea?

Chartering 5 private jets in 3 hours: mission accomplished.

Thanks to its complete range of aviation solutions (chartering aircraft, locating private jets and group tickets for scheduled flights) as well as its local knowledge via its South-American branch based in Sao Paulo, the Pro Sky team succeeded in finding an ideal alternative for its client and its forty passengers. After three hours of discussions and negotiations with different Argentinian operators, all the while in continuous contact with the client to keep him up to date, Pro Sky finally chartered five private jets, making it possible to quickly transport all of the passengers in ultimate comfort.

When an aviation strike concludes with a positive balance sheet.

Limiting additional financial costs (nights at local hotels for the passengers, penalties related to the anchoring of the ship at Ushuaia, possibly a complete reimbursement of the trip), and above all extreme satisfaction among passengers regarding the solution found, all’s well that ends well. Our cruise client succeeded, with the help of Pro Sky, in turning the situation around and transforming this crisis into an opportunity.

Whether it be for chartering aircraft or providing private jets, Pro Sky attaches a great deal of importance to offering companies and airlines to its clients in complete transparency. We offer all of the information necessary relating to their financial stability and their quality level for the services offered. All in an easy-to-understand way. We have put in place a quality label, the PRO SKY Quality Score , for all our air chartering services.

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