Football 2018: Yekaterinburg, the Jewel of the Ural Region

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News: Football 2018: Yekaterinburg, the Jewel of the Ural Region

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The capital of the Ural region will be offering a warm welcome to enthusiastic football fans during the 2018 sporting event. Our team from Pro Sky took part in the Russian Expo Days and discovered what surprises the host cities have in store for their visitors.

Koltsovo is the third largest airport in Russia and radiates in a new, modern light. Did you know that the outer façade of the building is reminiscent of a traditional Russian train station?

All of the information about the airport along with price indications for chartered and scheduled flights can be found in our PRO SKY Airport Fact Sheet.


 >> PRO SKY Airport Fact Sheet <<



Everyone’s talking about the new Ekaterinburg Arena at the moment due to its unusual construction: ticket sales for the sporting event of 2018 are currently well underway and suggest a record-breaking number of visitors. As a result, additional seating is required at the national stadium of the Ural region.

The architects came up with a particularly creative solution here:

Mobile spectator stands were set up outside the stadium, which offer a view of the pitch through a hole in the outer wall of the stadium. These can be removed easily after the World Cup.

Stadium Yekaterinburg, © sport.de


Fans can particularly look forward to three exciting areas within the city’s fan zones:

  • "Ural Food" with typical culinary delights from the region
  • "Music": From rock to opera, the artists of Ural treat your ears to diverse sounds
  • "Industrial Biennial": Modern art and technical innovations get any discoverer's pulse racing

Would you like even more musical entertainment?

The Ural Music Night Festival, which recorded over 100,000 visitors last year, will begin on 29 June. Over 60 different stages await you and admission is free!